Cooking is hard, and it's easy to get caught up in eating microwave dinners (especially the ones from Trader Joe's) or spending money on fast food every day. But that can get expensive and unhealthy. A much better option is to make large batches of your favorite foods to freeze.

Freezing your dinners is the perfect path to easy and quick meals. Plus, it's meal prep friendly. Deciding what to freeze can be hard, which is why I'm here to help you discover some freezer-friendly recipes.  

 #SpoonTip: Don't freeze foods with high water content, like lettuce. 

1. Pizza Rolls

Benjamin Martin

Forget Totino's pizza rolls. This DIY version takes pizza rolls to a whole new level by incorporating fresh Italian sausage and making the dough from scratch. 

2. Thai-Style Vegetable Curry

Rae Steinbach

Just throw in whatever vegetables you have in the fridge to make this delicious curry, perfect for cold weather. 

3. Chicken Teriyaki

Helena Lin

Skip the takeout and make this six-ingredient recipe instead.

4. Italian Meatballs

Mimi Takano

Making meatballs and freezing them is a smart and quick way to add some protein to any pasta or sandwich (they're also great eaten solo).

5. Vegetarian Sweet Potato Lentil Soup

Sarah Schlabig

Did I mention that this soup recipe is a one-pot recipe and can also be made in a slow cooker? 

6. Vegan Carrot Soup

Alexandra Kazimir

This carrot and turmeric soup is perfect for when you're looking for something hearty and healthy to eat.

7. Tomato, Mushroom and Spinach Egg White Bites

Nisha Gupta

Muffin pans aren't just for making sweet desserts — they can also help you make these filling tomato, mushroom, and spinach egg white bites for breakfast. 

8. Ham and Cheddar Hot Pockets

Vickie Nguyen

Ham and cheddar is hands down one of the best types of Hot Pockets. And, thanks to store-bought pizza dough, you can make them yourself to freeze for later. 

9. Red Quinoa with Edamame

Lois Carlisle

For the freezer version of this recipe, replace cucumber with zucchini and briefly cook vegetables after adding to quinoa.

10. Beef Stew

Tiare Brown

Beef stew is the ultimate comfort food for those dreary, cold days when you're not feeling chicken noodle soup anymore. 

11. Empanadas

Daisy Magner

There are so many different combinations to fill these flakey, warm crusts with, you'll never tire of eating empanadas.

 12. Veggie Frittata 

Kendra Valkema

Freezing a frittata ahead of time means you don't have to just eat cereal on weekdays anymore.

13. Baked Falafel

Kristine Mahan

Top your power bowls or salads with these gluten-free, baked falafel.

14. Gyoza (Japanese-Style Potstickers)

Mimi Takano

Making gyoza might not be as easy as running to get potstickers from Costco, but the payoff is defitely worth it. 

15. Raspberry Breakfast Popsicles

Lily Allen

Because smoothies for breakfast are overrated, and you can't carry them on a stick

16. Homemade Pizza

Kyle Wizner

Stop ordering delivery and just make the pizza yourself

17. Spinach, Turkey Sausage, and Egg Breakfast Muffin

Meredith Ross

Start your day with this protein-packed breakfast, and get ready to take over the world (or at least get to class).

 18. Shrimp and Red Pepper Sauce

Spenser Protasewich

Just defrost this sauce and pour it over cooked pasta, spaghetti squash, or bread, and you've got dinner.

19. Winter Chicken Stew

Kendra Valkema

Even though it's called winter stew, you'll crave it every season, so it keep it in the freezer for those lazy days.