Are all of your fit gym-obsessed friends talking about Meal Prep, making you feel completely out of the loop? Oregon Spoon is here to help you out. Many people complain about not getting the results they want from the gym, but getting in shape isn’t just about working out. What you eat every day plays a huge role in it too, and that’s why have recently become obsessed with Meal Prep. What is Meal Prep you might ask? Read on further and find out.

So, what the hell is Meal Prep?  


Photo by Tiare Brown

Meal Prep is exactly what it sounds like, healthy meals you prepare for each day of the week. With this preparation you can control portion sizes and what food goes into your meals. Meal Prep often consists of macronutrients or “macros”. You need these proteins, carbs and fats to lose those extra pounds or bulk up. Proper amounts of protein, fats and carbs also help to preserve lean muscle mass in addition to helping your body perform properly in and out of the gym.

Via Mcgriff, a local Eugene trainer, believes Meal Prep is “preparing your meals daily for optimal peformance and for results.” And we all want ‘dem results. A lot of us strive for toned abs, toned arms and a big booty. Yet, you cannot get those results and that sexy summer body without the proper fuel and nutrition. Whether you are trying to loose some weight, tone up or build some muscle, I highly recommend you consider making Meal Prep part of your routine.

Why do you need Meal Prep?


Photo by Tiare Brown

  • Meal Prep helps you from binge eating
  • Provides you with a balanced lifestyle
  • Saves money
  • Helps you gain muscle
  • Helps you loose weight
  • Builds dem abs
  • Eliminates stress
  • Saves time
  • Knowing exactly what goes in your body
  • Ensures the proper amounts of fuel for daily activities
  • Gives a lot of energy
  • Makes you happy
  • And ‘dem boys or girls will be checking you out in your new bathing suit
  • It’s fun!

How you can get started?


Photo by Tiare Brown

Are you ready to get started? You gotta plan and prepare. Often times, those who use Meal Prep cook and prepare all of their meals for the entire upcoming week. I’d say go invest in some tupperware ASAP and save some room in your fridge because you’ll need all the space you can get. Once you choose your protein (chicken, ground turkey, lean beef, 0% greek yogurt, cottage cheese or eggs), veggies and carbs (rice, sweet potato, potato or quinoa) you are set. It’s that easy. Meal Prep doesn’t have to be boring. Sometimes I even get creative and make veggie noodles with my Spiralizer.

But, if  you are the type of person who almost always burns the house down every time you cook, I suggest you check out GNG Fitness‘ Facebook page and go hang out with Via McGriff to learn about GNG FitFoods. Via McGriff is the owner of GNG Fitness & GNG FitFoods right here in Eugene, OR. Via prepares delicious and healthy fit meals for her clients and the local community and puts a whole new twist on Meal Prep. You gotta hit her up because her meals are out of this world. You don’t even need to worry about what your next meal is going to be because she’s got you covered. Plus, your first week is free at the gym (perfect for us broke college students).

Trust me. Your body is cravin’ that nutritious food. And it’s true what they say….abs are made in the kitchen. So ready, set, sweat.


Photo by Tiare Brown