Back to school means a couple of things for college students: new classes, reuniting with the friends you were separated from all summer, and getting back to navigating frat row. Other than memorizing the Greek alphabet, there are just a few things to remember to go from freshmen to frat star by the end of your first semester.

Frat parties can be the highlight of any college student's underclassmen career, but if you don't know the ropes they can come with more trouble than they're worth. Follow these tips to make every weekend #peakszn.

1. Don't Go Too Hard at the Pregame

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Alex Frank

In college, the weekdays go terribly slow and the weekends fly by dangerously fast, so when Thursday or Friday rolls around, it is way too easy to get carried away. Forgetting to pace yourself at the pregame is a recipe for disaster and is a fool proof way to ruin any night out.

2. Don't Wear Anything You Care Too Much About

Everybody always wants to dress to impress when they finally get to break away from their weekday leggings and a t-shirt routine. But frat parties are a death sentence for that brand new romper that you just ordered online. Inevitably, somebody will get bumped and next thing you know you're wearing their Natty Light.

Stick to clothing that you aren't emotionally attached too, dark colors, or have some stain remover handy.

3. Don't Leave Your Drink Unattended

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This is an oldie, but a goodie. Always, always keep your eye on your drink; parties are full of strangers and unfortunately, not everybody has good intentions. Watch out for your friends and if you put your drink down, get a new one! Frat parties are all fun and games, but can be dangerous at the same time, so safety has to come first.

4. Don't Skimp on Deodorant 

If you do this, I guarantee you'll regret it.

5.  Don't Slap the Bag

Slapping the wine bag might seem like a cool party trick, but only if you're okay with waking up with any number of illnesses the next day. Sharing a spigot with a whole room on strangers, will undoubtably throw your immune system for a loop. Say hello to mono!

6.  Don't Forget Your Hair Tie

Leaving your pony tail holder at home is a major mistake that will leave your carefully styled hair do, looking (and feeling) like a wet mop. Don't worry about a ponytail not complementing your outfit, any photo ops are long gone by this point in the night anyway.

7. Don't Take Your Shoes Off

Some outfits just aren't complete without your favorite pair of heels, I get it, but taking off your pumps at any point is bad idea on so many levels. Inside, fraternity floors are covered in alcohol, soda and who knows what else and outside, sidewalks are littered with glass and other dangers. Keep your heels on, or stick to sneakers.

8. Don't Pee in the Shower

It might seem like a power move to skip the bathroom line and hop in the shower stall to relieve yourself, but trust me, you can wait. It might not seem like it, but this is the fraternity brother's home and they welcomed you into it—keep their showers pee free.

9. Don't Eat Food Left Out in the Kitchen

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Julia Gilman

No matter how bad your case of the drunchies are, skip the food left sitting out in the kitchen. Opt for $1 late night pizza or wings on your way home, instead of spoiled fraternity house dinners.

Who knows how long that mac and cheese or those chicken fingers have been left on the counter to rot?

10. Don't Sit on the Toilets

Don't worry about skipping leg day on Fridays because come night time, you're going to have to SQUAT, SQUAT, SQUAT!

11. Don't Caveman 

If you don't know what that is, see the video above. You might be feeling no pain in the moment, but tomorrow you definitely will be. 

12. Don't Steal Stuff

Decorating your own apartment in stolen goods from bedrooms and basements might seem like a cool thing to do, but its really just not. Odds are, you will get caught and most likely won't be invited back. No one wants to be friends with a klepto.

13. Don't Go Overboard on Snapchat

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Rebecca Poole

Everybody has that friend who's Snapchat story is endlessly long, but this weekend, don't let that friend be you. Do it for the memories, not to impress your Snapchat BFF.

14. Don't Forget to Make Friends with the DJ

Taking over the DJ booth is the end goal of every frat party. Befriend the DJ, slide on in and take over the aux. Like Kris Jenner, you are sure to be the life of the party and keep the crowd dancing all night long.

15. Don't Lose Your Fracket

Midway through the semester, the weather gets colder, but the outfits don't necessarily get warmer. This is where you get introduced to your frat jacket, or fracket, which is normally your middle school field hockey sweatshirt, that you wish would just get lost. Luckily for you, it probably will get lost (or stolen).

When the temperatures drop below freezing, don't just drop your fracket in any random place. Do your best to find a super, secret hiding spot: under couch cushions, in ceiling tiles or get a brother to stash it in their room for you.

16. Don't Uber Everywhere

Odds are you won't be staying at one house the entire night, so if you're exploring frat row, try not to be so quick to blow all your money on an Uber every time. If the houses are on a row or a few blocks away, save your money and walk between frats. Uber might seem convenient, but it can get pretty pricy, so think twice before you Uber everywhere.

#SpoonTip: But if you have to, always get an Uber or a Lyft over drunk driving. Drunk driving is never a good idea. 

17. Don't Leave Your Friends Behind

Parties are a fun part of college, but the people you meet are the most important. Don't forget to stick together and look out for each other. Use a buddy system, have each other's backs, and never leave your friends alone.

Frat parties (really, any college parties) can be the highlight of any weekend during your four years of undergrad, but they come with their fair share of dangers. Keeping these facts in mind will help you make the most of the weekend and reduce your case of the Sunday scaries.