Unless you're not a party go-er, or your school doesn't have fraternities, chances are that frat parties will be a part of your college social life. They're not necessarily the scene for every one, but if you do choose to go, here are the do's and don'ts of drinking at a frat party, for your educational purposes, of course.

#SpoonTip: My most important piece of advice is to please drink responsibly — have fun, but don't get in too much trouble. Spoon University does not support binge drinking or underage drinking. 

1. DO pregame the party, especially if you hate beer

Nine times out of 10, the only drink that the party will have up for grabs is beer. Not only that, but cheap, crappy beer. That being said, drinking beer is basically a frat party tradition, but if you really can't stand it, make a few drinks with your friends before you head out for the night.

#SpoonTip: Don't feel the need to go overboard with the pregame. You can always stash a little bit of liquor or wine in a water bottle and pace yourself.

2. DON'T take a drink from anyone

I get this lecture from my mom every time I head back to school, but even though it's annoying, it's always worth repeating. You never know where a drink has been or who's had the cup, and if anyone slipped anything in it. Being drugged or even getting a disease or illness such as mono from sharing drinks is not how you want to start the college experience. 

3. DO drink with a friend (or two, or three)

The safest way to experience college nightlife is with a friend, or two, or as many as you want, to be backing you up in case something goes wrong. There's something to be said for always having someone with you in case any issue arises, but also just to have someone you trust to have fun with.

4. DON'T fill your cup so much that you spill on everyone

No one wants to go home or to the next party smelling like Natty Light and dripping with your drink. Make sure the cup you're holding is secure in your hand and try not to spill. I promise, you'll make more friends if you're not spilling all over everyone's brand new vegan leather jackets from Zara.

5. DO expect that drinks will be spilled on you

That being said, there's always that one person who's a little too out of control, or those people who just love to throw their hands in the air like they don't care... with a drink in their hand. Expect that something will spill on you at any point in the night, so don't wear anything that you can't easily clean or is too valuable to potentially be destroyed.

6. DON'T take your drink with you when you leave

Most states have open container laws, and you don't want to be busted when you're leaving the party just for carrying that last sip of beer with you. Leave the cup or water bottle at the party, preferably in the trash can so your frat brother friends don't have to clean it up the next morning. 

7. DO drink the jungle juice, but DON'T just assume it's safe

It's free! And it usually tastes alright, much better than beer (in my opinion). Just make sure that you know your limits. Before doing so, it's also a good rule to know who made it (do you trust them?) and ask what they made it with. There's no reason to risk being allergic to something, drinking too much without knowing how much alcohol is in it, or worse, having it spiked with something other than alcohol.

If all signs lead to it's OK, go for it. But if you even have the slightest feeling that something is off with that jungle juice, just find an unopened beer. 

8. DON'T go hungry

One of the worst things that you can do when going to a frat party, or any event where you're drinking in general, is to go hungry. Drinking on an empty stomach never ends well, so make sure you eat before you go out.

9. DO dance

Dancing beats sitting in a corner watching other people have more fun than you are. And, in my opinion, it's one of the best way to burn off that alcohol you're consuming.

Take these do's and don'ts of drinking at a frat party with a grain of salt — every party, even every night out is different. But remember that it is a frat party, so don't expect fancy cocktails or to come home with clean shoes. Expect Keystone or Natty Light, and expect to have a good time.