After a party, someone is always left wondering who stole all the Ramen from his apartment, and someone else is confused as to how she ended up with an industrial size bag of Fruit Loops on her dorm floor after going to a frat the night before. When I started noticing this trend of stealing food at parties, I asked some friends about their experiences at other colleges along the East Coast and got some unexpected responses.

Mac & Cheese: “One time my friend and I made a whole box of mac and cheese on the stove before the guy who lived there even noticed.” (Penn State)

Photo by Kai Huang

Poptarts: “I was at a party and saw their pantry didn’t have a door, just a curtain.  I looked in and they had Poptarts, so I replaced them with my drink.  Then when my friends went to get pizza, I just ate the box of Poptarts.” (Kutztown)

Grapes: “My friend was at a frat and he went in the kitchen, opened the fridge, and took grapes.  He started throwing them at people at the party.” (Pitt)

Hot Pocket: “I took a cold hot pocket out of the microwave at some apartment and ate it.” (Penn State)

Meatballs: “My two friends were at a party and ended up in an empty basement where there was a fridge filled with food.  They, of course, snuck a bunch of frozen meatballs back across campus.” (Maryland)

Photo by Kirby Barth

Cheese Puffs: “Oh yeah… that time we stole a barrel of cheese puffs from the lacrosse boys’ house.” (Delaware)

Raw Potato: “One time I took a raw potato out of this guys’ fridge at a social for my club and ate a couple bites.  At the meeting, he was really concerned about his missing potatoes.” (Penn State)

Actual Photo of Said Potato

Peppers: “I’ve heard a lot of stories of people stealing red bell peppers…” (Virginia)

The Whole Pantry: “On homecoming weekend, my friend and I stood in a corner of a house and proceeded to take a jar of gravy, a can of hearty soup, a can of tunafish, three boxes of pasta, a shot glass and a dart.  We almost got caught, actually, we did get caught, but we ran out of the house with all of it in a drawstring bag… oh, and a few different spices!” (LaSalle)

Photo Courtesy of WikiHow

So, maybe you regret stealing the industrial bag of cereal, but hey, that’s breakfast for the next two weeks.