You know what they say about tattoos: choose something you'll love forever because that's how long it'll be there. Forever. Steer clear of boyfriend's/girlfriend's names and faces. We've learned our lesson from celebs. We're looking at you, Zayn Malik.

So pick something universal, something that's going to stand the test of time. Something that will always be there for you. No matter what, pizza will always be there. Its ooey-gooey goodness will always have your back when you're having a bad day. There's no better way to show your love, admiration, and appreciation for this glorious food than with a permanent image stamped onto your body. Here are some adorable pizza tattoos to give you major inspo.

1. This love statement

This black and white pizza tattoo really symbolizes a love of pizza. The little heart on the side makes this ink a permanent reminder that pizza is forever and will always be our one true love.

2. This cat/pizza hybrid

If I got a tattoo, I strongly feel like I would tat a cat somewhere on my body. This little colorful tattoo has everything I love all in one. While the idea of a cat/pizza tattoo hybrid could have resulted in something super creepy, this one turned out cute and playful. If you're playful enough to get this tattoo, try this fun take on pizza.

3. This sneaky tat

This hidden tattoo is for people who want their love of pizza permanently etched into their body but don't necessarily need the world to see it. On an average day, you probably wouldn't see this little guy. But when you do wear something that allows your tat to show, everybody will think it's adorable. For a recipe that's just as sneaky as this tat, try making this epic calzone where the cheesy goodness is hidden inside.

4. This small slice

While some people go realistic with their tattoos, I think there's nothing cuter than a little cartoon image. This cartooney slice is small, modest, but still looks like it's dripping with cheesy, saucy goodness. If you want a piece of pizza that's small like this tattoo, try this English muffin personal pizza.

5. This symbol of true friendship

A true friend will let you have the last slice of pizza. This adorable friendship tattoo says you complete each other in the most profound way. Together, your hearts are as full as a complete pizza pie. After you get these matching tattoos, try making this easy pizza recipe together

6. This hidden slice

This hidden gem will make sure pizza is always on your mind (as if it wasn't already). When it comes to food tattoos, I'd say the small ones are the cutest, and this one is downright tiny. The only downside is you'll crave pizza every time you look down at your hands. I guess that's not a bad thing, but you might need to up your pizza budget.  

7. This adorable pug tattoo

The only thing better than pizza is pizza with a pug. As if the pizza tattoo wasn't cute enough, this dog's eyes are so sweet they actually make you want to give him your last slice of pizza. This is a precious ink idea for anyone who loves dogs and 'za. Oh wait, that's everyone. While you're chowing down on some pizza, make your pup these homemade dog treats.

8. This cute pizza

I don't think I need to explain why this one's cute. I mean, just look at it. Its sweet little eyes and rosy cheeks make me almost not want to eat it. Almost. It's still pizza after all, and a good looking slice, too.

9. This realistic slice

If you're considering getting a pizza tattoo, you might want to know there's a whole Instagram account dedicated to them. And it's called, well, @pizzatattoos. This one is cute, yet very realistic. The dripping cheese, the glistening pepperoni, the thick crust. Yeah, I could definitely go for a slice right now.

10. This fancy piece of pizza

This one's artistic and classy for those ~fancy~ pizza fans out there. The pizza itself even has a basil leaf on it. This one looks like a very beautiful doodle someone may have drawn in class and it shows how beautiful pizza can really be. Try making this blackberry ricotta pizza to go along with this bougie pizza tat. 

11. This chubby little guy

This tattoo is adorable because it's so small and thick. It may not be a satisfying piece of pizza if you ordered it at a restaurant but it sure is cute to have tatted on your arm.

12. This ode to 'za

If your love for pizza wasn't clear from the fact that you just permanently etched its likeness into your body, this design will make it clear. The little heart pepperonis are extra sweet and tell the world pizza holds a special place in your heart. Also, try out these pepperoni roses if you like to express yourself through circles of meat.  

13 This minimalist tat

For those of you who aren't fully committed to the image of a cheesy slice of pizza forever tattooed onto you, try this minimalist design. This tiny heel tattoo is the cutest way to impress the image of pizza onto your body without it being too realistic or colorful. If your a minimalist person in general, try this basic pizza toast recipe

14. This rad slice 

This rad slice is the coolest little slice of pizza I've ever seen. The stars and tiny lettering make it unique but still recognizable as a scrumptious piece of pizza. It's magical and whimsical and it definitely expresses how we all feel about pizza.

15. These bum tattoos

I love these tiny bum tats, especially because they're friendship tattoos. These little guys will be your best kept little secrets. Sure, they'll be hidden most of the time, but when swimsuit season comes around you'll get to show off your cute pizza tattoo.

16. This tattoo that's out of this world

I'm not really sure why this is so cute, but it is. The tiny cartoon image of a spaceship beaming up a slice of pizza is just adorable. It's extremely creative, yet simple at the same time. For an out-of-this-world pizza that's not too hard to make, try this pizza taco.

17. This medley of food tats

Why stop at pizza? This pizza tattoo is just part of this tattoo masterpiece. Sure, we love pizza, but let's not forget about burgers, sushi, tacos, and hot dogs. This guy's hand tattoos encompass everything I love in life, including the adorable little utensils to go with all the foods. 

If you haven't booked your tattoo appointment, what are you waiting for? Go get that cute tattoo you've always wanted of the one true love of your life, pizza. I can guarantee everyone will be jealous when you flash your cheesy tattoo because pizza never goes out of style. When you love something this much, you just have show it.