On the second Friday of every October, thousands of people across the world celebrate the nutrition and benefits of eggs. This year, World Egg Day falls on October 14th. Here are more than a dozen egg recipes to make on this day.

15. Egg and Avocado Toast

avocado, bread, guacamole, toast, egg, hummus, spread
Katie Luchette

We'll start off with perhaps the most popular breakfast of choice in 2016, avocado toast – topped with an egg. You can even make this in your dorm room!

14. Baked Egg in an Avocado

egg, egg yolk
lauren feld

If you're watching your carbs (which you really don't need to), don't worry. This has all the protein and good fats that will keep you happy and full.

13. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Pasta

pasta, spaghetti, egg, vegetable, sauce, spaghetti carbonara
Phoebe Melnick

Comfort food that's easy to make and inexpensive? This could easily be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a midnight snack.

12. Chinese Stir-Fried Eggs and Tomatoes

shrimp, fish, salmon, rice, sauce, seafood
Nancy Chen

This is no ordinary scrambled eggs dish. Pair this dish with some freshly steamed white rice or eat it on its own — it's going to be tasty no matter how you eat it.

11. Pesto Eggs for Two

tomato, spinach, chicken, salad
Christin Urso

Learn to make your own pesto in less than 7 minutes! Did we mention you can make this dish with a blender? You can share with your BFF or SO... Or you can save it all for yourself.

10. Bacon Egg Toast Cups

egg, bacon
Emily Hu

Breakfast never seemed so easy with this genius combination in a muffin tin.

9. Bacon and Egg Breakfast Muffins

sweet, pastry, takoyaki, cake, dairy product, chocolate, cream
Jenna Johnston

Yet another mess-free muffin tin recipe. We'd take one of these breakfast muffins over a cupcake any day.

8. Egg, Bacon, Cheese, and Avocado Brunch Ring

Take your egg game to another level with this brunch ring. Invite all your friends who are egg lovers, too, while you're at it.

7. Homemade Egg Muffin

egg, english muffin, muffin, bacon, fried egg, cheese
Scott Harrington

This is one of those mug recipes that actually work, and one of those copycat recipes that taste great.

6. Dippy Eggs and Soldiers

egg, sweet, egg yolk, cream, cake, dairy product
Celia Jia

This is perhaps one of the most fun and fanciest ways to eat eggs. Butter up some toast and get ready to dip it in delicious, creamy yolk.

5. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Oatmeal

rice, vegetable
Becky Hughes

Whoever said oatmeal is boring hasn't tried this savory version. A warm bowl of comfort on a cool autumn day? Count us in!

4. Sriracha Eggs Benedict 

Lucy Drinkwater

Spice up your normal brunch, literally, with this very simple recipe.

3. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Potatoes

cheese, egg, bacon
Katie Elliott

With this dish, you'll be able to enjoy all the components of a classic breakfast. Plus, you won't have to do any dishes!

2. Crispy Poached Eggs

vegetable, meat, egg, chicken
Arden Sarner

Runny yolk lovers can be enthusiastic about ordinary poached eggs, but why not add a little more texture with some bread crumbs? 

1. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich Cookies

Because cookies are classic, and savory cookies are life-changing. This creative recipe from Spoon's own series, "Make it Into a Cookie," is a must-try.

If eggs are the reason you get out of bed every morning, you better get cooking. Just don't get too "egg-sited!"