Some would argue that Valentine's Day is just a money-making Hallmark holiday. Others may find it as an excuse to go on an extra-special date or buy very large bags of chocolate on sale. 

So, what exactly is Galentine's Day? As our dear Leslie Knope describes, "Oh, it's only the best day of the year. Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It's like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas." Personally, I see it as an excuse to take time out of our extra busy lives to give a little bit of extra love, and what better way to surprise your best girls than with a few of their favorite things? 

1. No Chewing Allowed Chocolate Truffles

If you are thinking of getting anyone chocolate on this Valentine's Day, these are the only ones worth gifting. This New York-based company sells the most decadent, luxurious chocolate truffles. They are not too sweet, creamy in all the right ways, and finish cleanly so that you don't stop yourself from having more. The brand name, No Chewing Allowed, tells all; let them just melt in your mouth. No Chewing Allowed can only ship these truffles at certain times of the year since they have to be stored at a low enough temperature to protect the chocolate. Take advantage of the cool season by nabbing two bags: one for your favorite gal pal, and an extra one for yourself. 

2. Rosé

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Jaclyn Puccini

Nothing says class, sass and a bit of bad-ass more than a bottle of Rosé. Rosé is as functional as it is beautiful, being able to pair with anything from cheese plates to shrimp cocktail to salted caramel brownies. The pinky hue of the wine complements any instagram post, spa day or rom-com session. If you're tight on a college budget, look no further than Trader Joe's, which sells most of its bottles for under $10! 

3. Insomnia Cookies

chocolate, cookie, chocolate cookie
Collette Block

Given that it is midterm season and that Galentine's Day falls on a Wednesday this year, it may be the slightest bit difficult to get together with your girls. However, what better way to show some love than to have a box of freshly baked, warm cookies, delivered to their doors? Lucky for us in Davis, Insomnia Cookies delivers until 3 AM, making them perfect for a last-minute, late-night snack.

4. Mugs

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Katie Kasperson

Especially in this cold winter (or at least the version of it that we experience in Northern California), mugs are the perfect vessel for comfort, and are loved by absolutely everyone. Be it for your essential cup of morning coffee, chamomile tea or hot cider, mugs are all too good at making us girls feel warm and fuzzy inside. Oh, and Target is the best place to get them. 

5. Cravings: Hungry For More

If there's anything that Chrissy Teigen has to teach us with this cookbook, it's to love, laugh and remember to live in the moment with our food experiences. It's all too easy for us girls to feel like there are foods we shouldn't eat, or that eating a scoop of ice cream is counted as cheating. Hungry For More brings us to a world of Blueberry Pie, Pad Thai Carbonara and a new way of loving food minus the guilt. Sometimes it takes just a little bit of comfort food to heal.

6. Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker

Perhaps the only thing that says love more than "freshly made waffles in the morning" is "heart-shaped freshly made waffles in the morning." Get your girlfriends ready for a fabulous lunch and make yourselves a tall tower of heart shaped waffles. This one from Amazon comes in red and is quite fitting for the occasion. 

7. Hot Chocolate On A Stick

There is something absolutely romantic about taking a block of fudge, dropping it into a steaming mug of milk, and swirling it around until it becomes this dark, creamy and sweet cup of the most loved warm beverage on the planet, hot chocolate. These will be the perfect addition to a spa night of scented candles, face masks, and a marathon of your favorite Ryan Gosling movies. Popbar sells these as a 6-pack on amazon with the flavors dark, milk, white, caramel, mocha and peppermint, so that everyone can have exactly what they want. 

8. Sugarfina Chocolate Rosé Bears

This is a gift for the girl who, as our beloved late Kate Spade would say, "leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes." Sugarfina, the company behind the Champagne Gummy Bear candies, released these limited edition Sparkling Rosé Chocolate Bears for this year's Valentine's Day, and I couldn't imagine a candy flavor more classy or any more appropriate. 

10. Macarons

Ah, macarons, with their golden flecks, little feet, and creamy filling are aesthetic, delicious, and always insta-worthy! Despite their priciness all around, Galentine's may just be the right occasion to splurge on these French sweets and make a friend feel gorgeous and worth the luxury treat. Don't have a bakery near you? Fear not, most macaron bakeries such as Chantal Guillon and Ladurée ship nationwide

If you're single and ready to mingle, or taken and wonderfully in love, remember this Galentine's (or Valentine's) Day to open your hearts and give more to the people around you. Wear a classic red lip, uncork that bottle of wine that you've been saving for something special, and have a happy heart's day to you all.