So: it's midnight and you're cramming for an exam as you come down with an unbearable sugar craving. Nothing looks good in the kitchen and there's no earthly way you're leaving the house in this condition. No need to panic though, Insomnia Cookies will deliver warm and gooey cookies right to your door until 3am.

Insomnia Cookies is brand new to Davis and offers a wide array of cookies and other sweet treats to keep your cookie cravings at bay. If you’ve never heard of Insomnia or have been meaning to try it out, here’s some handy information about the Davis location, their delivery service, the treats and their loyalty program.

The Place

Minh Tham

As soon as you walk into Insomnia Cookies you’re hit with the scent of freshly baked cookies. It’s warm and homey with good vibes; although the shop isn’t very big, you don’t feel cramped sitting or standing. They have a window bar to sit at facing E street but if you’re in search of a place to study, you might want to try somewhere else as there’s no public wifi and no outlets. Plus, the freshly baked cookie smell might be a little distracting.

The Davis location is the first in California, taking advantage of the college-town atmosphere. In fact, Insomnia Cookies was founded in 2003 by Seth Berkowitz, a former college student from University of Pennsylvania, who began baking cookies out of his own dorm room and delivering them to hungry students. The later product that came of his endeavors was the now national business — baking warm cookies and delivering to your dorm or to your front door across the United States! 

The Delivery Service

Minh Tham

Insomnia Cookies is most famous for their delivery service which only costs an additional $1.99 and goes until 3am. You can order cookies online or through their app available for iPhone or Android. There's also an online cookie tracker to tell you in detail where your cookies are. It can range anywhere from 30-45 minutes, but the cookies arrive warm and you never have to leave your house, so it’s very worth it.

The Menu

Minh Tham

Insomnia Cookies has a massive selection of cookies and other sweet treats. Each individual traditional cookie is priced at $1.70. However, there are four main combo deals to choose from: The Six Pack (six cookies), The Sugar Rush (12 cookies), The Major Rager (18 cookies) and The Insomniac (24 cookies). If you need more cookies, you can place orders up to 300 cookies — just in case that’s your thing. These deals let you choose from the nine traditional cookies, ranging from the classic with M&Ms to white chocolate macadamia nut.

They have an additional three deluxe cookies which are twice as much at $3.40 a piece but slightly bigger and come in triple chocolate chunk, s’mores and chocolate peanut butter cup. They also sell brownies, a wide range of ice cream flavors, ice cream sandwiches, cookie cakes and an assortment of drinks, meaning there’s no reason you can’t have some milk with your warm cookies.

Our Thoughts on the Cookies

Minh Tham

The best part about Insomnia Cookies is that you aren't just getting any old subpar cookies delivered, instead these cookies are the real deal. We went in, ordered a twelve pack and chowed down in order to get an idea of the taste and quality that Insomnia provides. Each cookie was freshly baked and the perfect consistency: a little crispy on the outside and warm and gooey on the inside. They put late night DC cookies to shame in every respect. 

Our personal faves were the peanut butter cookie and the double chocolate mint cookie. Both of them were perfectly balanced, neither too overpowering in flavor or too sugary. The peanut butter cookie was both sweet and savory, making for a ridiculously tasty ode to peanut butter. The double chocolate mint chip cookie tasted exactly like mint chocolate chip ice cream or those Andes chocolate dinner mints, and despite being double chocolate, the cookie wasn't overwhelmingly rich.

The Loyalty Program

Minh Tham

If you’re an avid Insomniac, then good news! Insomnia Cookies offers a customer loyalty program for the routine cookie-goers. The company states, “For every $1 you spend on your order of cookies, cookie cakes, ice cream, brownies or beverages from Insomnia Cookies, you’ll get 1 point in your loyalty account. For every 100 points you earn, we’ll give you $10 to spend at Insomnia Cookies."

The even better part? No fees or need to sign over your soul to participate. It’s free and quite simple: provide your email, make an account on the Insomnia Cookies website and wait for the sweet deals to roll into your inbox. A hidden feature on their site, as well as their app, is being able to track how many loyalty points you currently have and the dollar amount of your loyalty points. Deals, check!

Whether you're out and about late at night or at home in your pajamas, the cookies and other sweet treats at Insomnia Cookies will satisfy your cravings. Plus, with finals right around the corner, it's the perfect time to treat yourself.