Admit it, you've been in this situation countless of times. In college there's no set "lunch time" anymore where you and your friends can gather in the cafeteria and all eat together. You'll have different schedules and limited times to eat, so yeah, you're going to have to eat alone every once in a while. While there's really no shame in eating alone, we all probably experience a bit of awkwardness from it. Here are some feels you may be experiencing, and most likely that other person you see eating alone by you is experiencing too. #OwnIt.

1. I bet I look like the biggest loser ever.

This is sad. I am sad. I am lonely. Someone please come be my friend.

2. Why is everyone laughing together? What is so funny? 

Honestly it's probably not even that funny, please get over yourself. 

3. How do these people have so many friends to eat with when all I have is myself.

But actually, your schedule is SO different from your friends you wonder how these people can even meet up at the same time. 

4. No, it's fine I have plenty of friends. They're just not here right now unfortunately. 

You Snapchat all of your friends to complain about your loneliness: "SOS need you, it's an emergency."

5. Ugh I bet they are all eating together right now and don't have to worry about being in this awful situation.

Serious FOMO. Deep down I bet you're hoping that all your friends are feeling an equal amount of loneliness as you are right now. 

6. Tomorrow I'll make sure I plan to eat with someone so I don't look like so lame.

*Texts everyone to find out what their plans are.*

7. OK is it just me, or is everyone looking at me? They're probably talking about me, too. 

You're probably thinking that everyone is definitely judging you for being alone. Why are people so mean? LEAVE ME ALONE. But heads up no one is actually staring or talking about you. 

8. Here, let me go on my phone so it looks like I'm busy being productive and don't have time to eat with anyone. 

*Scrolls through all social media accounts* See, I have people that want to talk to me, they're just not here right now. Gosh I'm sooo busy. Can't everyone just stop texting me so I can eat?

9. Maybe this would be a good time to call my mom.

You might regret this if your mom doesn't answer the phone (making you feel even more defeated) or she talks your ear off about her problems that don't really affect you. But it would make you look less lame?

10. There is no one here to tell me if there's food in my teeth. Now I have to awkwardly smile in my phone reflection to make sure I don't. 

Depending on what you're eating, there could be a whole mess of gunk in your teeth. Discreetly checking in the reflection of your phone is your best bet, or head to the bathroom before your next class. 

11. Honestly, I am the grossest and messiest eater. It's probably better that I eat by myself. 

How do people manage to look attractive while eating? This is impossible. I look like a monster. 

12. Ugh I really hope no one comes up to talk to me right now.

*Moves to a discreet place where no one will notice my existence.*

13. OK, I'm done eating. I think I need to leave now and hide in the bathroom for all my meals for the rest of my life. 

Ugh, I've become a loner. How did this even happen to me? 

OK, so sure, eating alone may be uncomfortable or awkward, but really, it's not that bad. It gives you some time to yourself and allows you to really enjoy your meal. And trust me, no one is judging you that you're eating by yourself. I doubt anyone will even think twice about it. So own your independence and enjoy your meal, all within the company of your very own self ('cause that's all you really got anyways). *Cue Beyonce's "Me, Myself and I"*