If you haven’t had one of those I’m-so-busy-no-time-for-lunch kind of days, have you even colleged? Some days can be pretty crazy, and the only logical solution to a hungry stomach in the midst of a piling task list and back-to-back appointments may deceivingly be the Taco Bell drive-thru. Here’s a bit of advice: that’s not the only way. You can save yourself time, money, and calories by grabbing a bite from your fridge on the way to your next event.

This way, you aren’t tempted to stop at any of the beautiful golden arches you pass while driving.

Peanut Butter and Apple Slices

Eat Healthy

Photo by Collin Nielsen

This is a perfect grab-and-eat breakfast when you’re pressed on time. The peanut butter and granola provide protein and fiber, while that crisp apple can help boost your energy. Some people even find that eating a few apple slices in the morning is more effective at keeping them awake than coffee.

Superfruit? I think so. Just cut your apple into slices, spread with peanut butter, and sprinkle with granola.

Fruit Smoothie

Eat Healthy

Photo by Bethany Benes

You can either prepare this on the night before you know you’ll be having a crazy day, or put it together when you have a good 5 minutes to spare. All you need is some fruit, plain yogurt, and ice and ta-dah, you’ve got yourself a healthy and filling treat.

#SpoonTip: Can easily drink this while you’re driving or walking to wherever you need to be. How’s THAT for fast food?

Crackers and Cream Cheese

Eat Healthy

By Bethany Benes

Not even just crackers, this snack can be anything with a dab of cream cheese. Grab the cream cheese on your way out for the day (make sure you bring some ice packets to keep it cold).

You can dip crackers, fruit, vegetables, meat; literally anything in the creamy goodness for a delicious and filling appetizer to help you make it through the busy day. This beats cheese curds any day (unless they’re Wisconsin cheese curds).

Banana Chips

Eat Healthy

Photo by Bethany Benes

Speaking of fast food, who doesn’t love some good French fries? They’re cheap, easy to eat, and definitely put the “fast” into fast food. Only problem? They are horrible for you. Not to mention you’ll be spending at least 5 minutes in line at the drive-thru to get them.

Try purchasing some banana chips instead. They taste weirdly like potato chips, and have that salty sensation French fry lovers crave.

Extra bonus? You can buy them in advance and pack them with you on your busy days. Now you don’t have to plan extra time to grab something to eat.

Pickle Wraps

Eat Healthy

By Bethany Benes

Yeah, we all LOVE the traditional pickle wraps. A little deli meat, a little cream cheese, and a pickle. Who knew delicious food was so simple?

There are so many possible combinations for a delicious pickle wrap. I recommend you try some Colby Jack cheese, a slice of turkey, and mustard-wrapped around a pickle. It won’t take more than two minutes to make, and you could easily pack this meal on the go.

Good ‘Ol Cereal

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Photo courtesy of ourhollydays.com

This is another good cure for the French fry craving. Pack your favorite cereal (or all your favorites) in plastic bags to carry around with you as a snack. You may not have time for lunch, but munching on these crunchy bites will tide you over until you have time to get something more substantial.

We all have our days of cramming (mine was today, no time for lunch? It was Honey Nut Cheerios and dried fruit for this girl), but reaching out to fast food every time that happens can foster a bad habit (plus, most of the time “fast” food isn’t all that fast).

You can grab better tasting, healthier, cheaper and faster hunger-conquerers in your own cupboard.