'Tis the season for cookouts, pool parties, trips to the beach, and any other outdoorsy thing you want to do with friends and family. Summer is also the season for watermelon, which makes sense why it's a popular summer staple. Not to mention, watermelon recipes can be made on the cheap this time of year as in-season produce is usually less expensive. Here are 13 recipes that show you can make some mouth-watering watermelon recipes for just under $10.

1. Refreshing Mint Watermelon Smoothie 

watermelon, juice, sweet, melon
Kathleen Lee

What's better than a normal icee? One that's made from real fruit! Make this simple mint watermelon smoothie that is sure to keep your summer cool and refreshing. You only need a few ingredients and a blender to make it. 

2. 3-Ingredient Watermelon Recovery Smoothie

smoothie, strawberry, juice
Alana Babington

This smoothie doesn't get any simpler; all you need is a watermelon, diet cranberry juice, and vanilla protein drink. It only takes five minutes to make, so it's perfect for whipping up after a hard workout. 

3. Sweet and Spicy Jalapeño Watermelon Pops

popsicle, ice, strawberry, sweet, candy, rhubarb, sorbet
Leah Valenti

These popsicles are the perfect balance between sweet and spicy. With only three ingredients, they are super easy and fun to make. Whether it be enjoying them poolside or on the couch, these popsicles will definitely shake up any afternoon slump.

4. 2-Ingredient Watermelon and Lime Ice Pops

Anya Barel

If you're looking for an even simpler popsicle recipe, then try this one made from only limes and watermelon. You can even make these with an ice cube tray. The hint of limes only adds to the refreshing taste of a cold ice pop. 

5. Watermelon Lemonade

Abigail Shipps

This watermelon lemonade is another super refreshing recipe. You only need two ingredients, and best of all, neither of them are sugar. 

6. Watermelon Fruit Leather

watermelon, melon, sweet, vegetable, candy
Vernell Dunams

If you're craving a sweet snack, try these candy leathers made with real fruit. They are 100 percent vegan, and the process to make the leathers is similar to dehydrated fruit. You get all the amazing flavor of watermelon in an easy-to-make snack. It's like the grown up version of Fruit Roll-Ups.

7. Watermelon, Feta, and Mint Summer Salad

salad, tomato, vegetable, pepper, watermelon, cheese
Libby Perold

Here, the saltiness of the feta contrasts the sweetness of the watermelon, creating one balanced dish. There is no cook time for this recipe, and you only need three ingredients to make it, perfect for eating post-beach trip.

#SpoonTip: You can add cucumbers or arugula if you want to bulk this salad up a bit.

8. 4-Ingredient Kale and Watermelon Summer Salad

salad, vegetable, cheese, tomato, pepper, watermelon, lettuce, oil
Emily Nadler

This salad is a version of the last one, but with a little more oomph. Whether it's for a snack or lunch, this kale and watermelon salad is a perfect way to get some protein and greens. It's sweet, salty, and tangy, all piled up on one dish.

#SpoonTip: For more variety, add some thinly sliced red onions, Craisins, almonds, or honey.

9. Grilled Watermelon

Meats and veggies aren't the only foods that taste good on the grill. Apparently, grilled watermelon has a flavor similar to cooked corn, which makes it another great side dish for your summer cookout. You can also add honey for a touch of sweetness, or top it off with lime, spices, feta, or balsamic vinegar for more of a tang. 

10. Mini Watermelon Pops

We all know there are certain fruits that just taste better frozen (blueberries, where you at?). But did you know watermelon tastes amazing ice-cold, too? For this recipe, all you need to do is cut a watermelon into small slices, place popsicle sticks in each, and freeze until frozen solid. It's super easy to make and everyone at your next bbq will for sure enjoy. 

11. Watermelon Pizza 

If your craving a dessert pizza, try this healthy version. Top watermelon with Greek yogurt and whichever toppings you'd like. Here you can try it topped with blueberries, mint, and honey for a light, yet sweet taste.

12. Granola-Topped Watermelon

If you're looking for a crunchy, yet refreshing snack, try these granola-topped watermelon slices. With only three ingredients, it's fairly cheap to make, but perfectly filling.

#SpoonTip: This particular recipe calls for coconut chia granola, however, feel free to use any variety you would like.

13. Watermelon Cake

Throw a party and celebrate anything you would want a cake for without refined sugars. This cake is great for any gluten-free friends, plus, you can actually customize the fruit base and toppings depending on personal preferences.  

Some Helpful Tips

When choosing a watermelon for any of these dishes, pick one that has a creamy yellow-colored field spot and feels heavy for its size.  

After slicing, you can keep watermelon in the fridge for up to three days for max freshness. Try and tightly wrap it with plastic wrap or in a closed plastic container to keep it from drying out and absorbing other food odors in the fridge. 

If you're looking to entertain a big group—or just want a healthy snack for one—watermelon should be your go-to. It's inexpensive and makes for a refreshing dish on any hot day. 

#SpoonTip: Check out all the amazing benefits of eating watermelon