Well now that summer has finally arrived, its time to start breaking out that juicy watermelon. Here are some things I found interesting that I never knew about watermelon and def some I wish I knew earlier!!!

1. Its Both a Fruit and a Veggie

Photo courtesy of smile-per-day.com

Like we seriously couldn’t have found this out as a kid??? I would have asked for watermelon over peas any day.

2. Every Part is Edible

Photo courtesy of yatuz.com

So you know how we were always told if you swallow a seed you were going to grow a watermelon in your stomach…. well that not true. You can actually eat both the seeds and the rind.

3. It is 91% Water

Photo courtesy of youtube.com

Okay so we all knew that watermelon contained a good amount of water, but almost 100% is crazy! It will def keep you hydrated on a hot day at the beach.

4. There is Actually Yellow Watermelon

Photo courtesy of backtoorganic.com

LIKE WHAT? If you feel like you were told a lie your whole life, I’m with you. Where do you think you can even find the magical yellow one?

5. There are Over 1,200 Varieties

Photo courtesy of vegetablegardener.com

I don’t know if you guys think like me, but a watermelon is a watermelon. I had no idea there were different types.

6. It’s the Number 1 Fruit Consumed in the U.S

Photo courtesy of alltheinterestings.com

Honestly I thought strawberries or bananas would take the top spot, but watermelon is #1 followed by Cantaloupe (ok?).

7. There is a National Watermelon Month

photo courtesy of fmcgbusiness.com.nz

I mean nowadays there is a national day for just about everything. But watermelon got a whole month…now that’s pretty cool. In case you guys were wondering, its July. So get ready to gram your melons all month!!

8. Watermelon is the Official State Veggie of Oklahoma

Photo coutresy of statesymbolsusa.com

I mean hey that’s kinda cool. And they have a watermelon festival which is probably delicious,because watermelon is a fan fave. Anyone down to plan a road trip?