After a period of relative stability, everyone's favorite child star turned trainwreck, Lindsay Lohan, is back in the spotlight after losing half of her ring finger in a boating accident. Even though LiLo certainly won't be doing that cool secret handshake from The Parent Trap any time soon, the girl's still gotta eat. While she may need some help preparing some of these recipes, here are eleven things that Lindsey can still eat (even with one hand). 

1. Poké Bowl

vegetable, pepper, tomato, salad, cucumber, onion, rice
Angela Pizzimenti

Since chopsticks are most definitely out of the question, our girl, LiLo, is going to have to swap out sushi for something a little bit easier to manage. This super trendy alternative is sure to hit the spot. The best part? She can eat it with a fork.  

2. Pumpkin Pie Crescent Rolls

sweet, bread
Dylan Barth

Simply going off of the many, many paparazzi photos I've seen of LiLo falling down, I'd say that her baseline hand-eye coordination is already on the lower side. Thus, although pumpkin season is upon us, I'd assume that eating a traditional pumpkin pie might be challenging for her (even under normal circumstances). For now, she's best off saving herself the trouble and grabbing one of these bite-sized delights.

3. Mini Taco Cups

pastry, cheese, pie, sweet, sauce, meat, dairy product
Kristi Cook

Picture this: poor, ring finger-less Lindsay attempting to eat a taco. She takes her first bite, the shell cracks, and the filling pours out everywhere, but there's nothing she can do to stop it. Sad, isn't it? That's where these mini taco cups come in clutch. They're the no muss, no fuss way for LiLo to celebrate #TacoTuesday.

4. Protein Energy Balls

chocolate, coconut, candy, sweet, cookie, truffle
Kristi Cook

While they're definitely no Kalteen bars, these protein-packed energy balls are easy enough for LiLo to pop in her mouth and keep her full all day. 

5. Cauliflower Soup

soup, vegetable, cream, parsley, bread, herb
Maxwell Faucher

It's a well known fact that spoons are the easiest utensil to use, especially if you're down a digit. While any soup would do, this simple cauliflower soup is perfect for Lindsay because of its light color, making inevitable spills easier to camouflage. Tomato soup is just not an option here, people. 

6. Mini Pizza Lollipops

sauce, pasta, meat, ketchup, pizza
Katherine Baker

A greasy, gooey slice of New York-style pizza? Fuggetaboutit. These conveniently bite-sized mini pizzas on a stick are definitely her best bet for the time being. 

7. Doritos-Crusted Mozzarella Sticks

meat, chicken, sweet
Audrey Mirabito

This amped-up version of a classic finger food (no pun intended) are fully loaded (pun one hundo p intended) with flavor. They're just what Lindsey needs to drown her sorrows about her injury. 

8. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Cookies

meat, egg, chicken, cutlet
Elena Besser

Even though she's now allegedly sober, I wouldn't be surpised if Lindsay still woke up after a long night out in desperate need of a good B.E.C., which everyone knows is the best hangover cure. Just because she only has one good hand doesn't mean that LiLo should have to miss out on such a delicious meal. The solution? A bacon, egg, and cheese cookie that takes all the best parts of a good ol' B.E.C. and puts it together in a perfectly small, neat package. 

9. Mini Cannoli Cups

chocolate, cookie, pastry, cake, sweet, dough, cannoli
Kristi Cook

Cannolis, like tacos, have some structural issues that make them difficult for someone with only one fully functioning hand to eat. In order to avoid any cream explosions, Lindsay is advised to steer clear of traditional tube-shaped treats and swap them out for these mini, cup-shaped versions. 

10. DIY Ham and Cheddar Hot Pockets

egg, cheese, bacon, fried egg, ham
Vickie Nguyen

What could be better than gooey, melted cheddar and juicy ham, all held together in a pillow of chewy pizza dough? The answer: literally nothing. Luckily, LiLo can nosh on these babies without ever having to worry about the good stuff inside leaking out. 

11. Peanut Butter and Oreo-Stuffed Brownie Cupcakes

cookie, chocolate, cake, sweet
Rebecca O'Neill

In her current state, LiLo is in absolutely no condition to be dunking Oreos into a jar of peanut butter. The physics of that simply doesn't add up. So, for now, she and her "identical twin" will just have to enjoy these all-in-one PB and O desserts when they spend the night in the isolation cabin. 

As you can see, just because she's down a finger doesn't mean LiLo can't enjoy some seriously yummy foods. In all seriousness, though, let's hope that our girl makes a speedy recovery, so that she can get back to taking two-handed selfies asap.