If you're anything like me, you've been following the Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna split religiously. I wish we could go back to the simpler days when Rob spent his time designing socks rather than getting himself blocked from Instagram, but this is the world that we live in. 

Putting aside all the slut shaming and legal issues of Rob's posts, it's clear that things have gotten messy af. However, things can get messier, and here are some of the messiest recipes to prove it. Try these at home and recognize, through the food crumbs and sauces, that you are lucky to not be Blac Chyna rn. 

Deconstructed Ice Cream Sandwich Milkshake

dairy product, milk, sweet, cream, chocolate, coffee
Jayna Goldstein

The over-the-top shake trend is all fun and games until you spill one of the many ingredients all over yourself. It happens to the best of us. 

BEC Donut

bacon, sandwich, cheese, bun
Kelsey Coughlin

This is legit what dreams are made of. The ultimate hangover cure just got better, but I know that egg yolk will be oozing everywhere and that glaze will give me a sugar mustache — 100 percent worth it, though. 

5-Ingredient Barbecue Ribs

steak, beef, pork, rib
Rachael Worthington

There are three ways that this could end: you get rib meat stuck in your teeth, BBQ sauce on your shirt, or both. No matter what, you will not be coming out unscathed. 

DIY Taco Bell Double Decker

All that sour cream is bond to go somewhere, and I do not trust myself around hard shell tacos. At least you can eat this baby in your own home rather than making a mess at Taco Bell. 

Cinnamon Roll Nutella Pull-Apart Bread

Nutella and cinnamon rolls are obviously the perfect combo, but spillage will occur. With some warm icing and oozing Nutella, this bread is not for the faint of heart. 

Candy Sushi Burritos 

rice, vegetable
Hailey Maher

Have you ever eaten a Rice Krispy Treat without having to wash the stickiness off your hands for at least 5 minutes after? The added impact of the gooey candy and melted chocolate makes this dessert a one-way ticket to mess. 

Mini Nutella Croissants

sweet, bread, jam, pastry, bun, croissant, butter, dough
Jordan Ellick

The last time I ate a croissant with my dad, he told me to never eat them in public again because I made such a mess. It's not my fault though because you are legit guaranteed to be covered in crumbs after taking two bites of a croissant. Add Nutella to that situation, and I don't know anyone who would not make a mess. 

Loaded Cheesy Potato Nachos

There is no world in which you get out of eating nachos unscathed. My tables manners are no match for melted cheese, greasy chips (or in this case, potatoes), and delicious toppings.

Caramel-Filled Apple Cider Donut Holes

Ethan Capello

This treat is fall in a donut, and I am obsessed. I am also aware that I will be covered in caramel sauce, brown sugar, and a bajillion crumbs. Literally, no ragrets. 

Funfetti Churros

Arden Sarner

All that sugary goodness of the cinnamon sugar and funfetti sprinkles has to go somewhere. I give you full permission to lick your fingers while eating these bad boys. 

Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

Dip these meatballs in ranch, blue cheese, or buffalo sauce confidently, but know what is sure to be coming next.  

Eat these foods while you tune into the Rob Kardashian and Black Chyna drama, and hope that you don't get as messy as they did.