A recent study found that a majority of celeb food and drink endorsements promote unhealthy products. We’ve all watched a perfectly toned celebrity promote a food that they can’t possibly eat more than once a year in order to maintain their looks. Quite frankly, I don’t think it shocks anyone to see that kind of hypocritical endorsement anymore.

But even when you take health out of the matter, you can still find some pretty odd celeb food endorsements. Some may be strange because of the product itself, while others just have the most ridiculous commercials. Either way, these weird celeb endorsements are worth the watch.

1. Mr. T and Snickers

I could totally see Mr. T chowing down on some Snickers, but this commercial feels more scary than it does entertaining. When I think Snickers, I think decadent, chocolaty dessert, not muscle tanks, screaming, and violence.

2. Mr. T and the Flavorwave Turbo Oven

Mr. T makes the list again, but this time for a celeb/product mismatch that just leaves me scratching my head. I’m not saying Mr. T doesn’t cook, but if he does, he definitely does not use a Flavorwave Turbo Oven. He’s also certainly not friends with the people that invented it.

3. Taylor Swift and Diet Coke

We all know Taylor Swift loves her cat, but at some point, owning too many cats becomes unsanitary, if not down right abusive. Plus, a diet coke that produces cats could be a deadly weapon. Would we really want one in the hands of a crazy cat lady?

4. Katy Perry and Popchips

I have no words. Add this bizarre commercial to the list of reasons to avoid low-fat foods.

5. Ozzy Osbourne and “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter”

Even if I could understand what they were saying, I doubt I would be any less confused. Why does the flower glow? Can Ozzy not tell which is butter because the product is that good or because he is that high? What the heck is a fairy cake, and is it related to fairy bread? So many questions are left unanswered here.

6. Hugh Jackman and Lipton Tea

Look, I saw Les Miserables. I know that Hugh Jackman can actually sing and play dramatic roles, but if we’re all being honest, when we see Hugh Jackman, we think of Wolverine. And when I think Wolverine, I think of powerful, protein-packed foods, like steak. I definitely do not think of him dancing around with a Lipton tea.

7. Kate Upton, Snoop Dog, and Lean Pockets

The weird mix of celebrities in this commercial already qualifies it for this list, but that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. Add in a variety of thinly veiled drug references and sexual tension between Kate Upton, Snoop Dog, and a hot pocket, and you’ve got a real freak show of an advertisement.

8. David Hasselhoff and Lean Pockets

Photo courtesy of abcnews.com

Lean Pockets really should invest more money in marketing. This commercial moves from the realm of weird into downright offensive. I am amazed by the number of sexist stereotypes David Hasselhoff can spew in such a short amount of time.

According to the commercial, women need to dress sexily in order to advance their career, men only care about women’s bodies, and single women who aren’t married have no value. Wait, what does this have to do with Lean Pockets?

9. Aaron Paul and Juicy Fruit

Side effects of chewing gum include jaw pain, eating more junk food, tooth decay, bloating, and apparently the ability to rip people’s clothes off with your mind? I feel like Breaking Bad would have had quite a different ending if gum gave Aaron Paul (aka Jesse) telekinesis.

10. Mikhail Gorbachev and Pizza Hut

I’m not sure if Mikhail Gorbachev counts as a celebrity, but this commercial is just too bizarre not to mention. I find it weird enough that a leader of the Soviet government would endorse Pizza Hut, but I can’t even fathom why he would allow himself to be criticized in the commercial.

Also, bringing peace to the Soviet Union definitely would have required better pizza than what you can get at Pizza Hut.