Face it, you never wanted to do it. You probably went in to the night thinking "I will NOT let myself do it again. I just can't." And every night, you did it... You ended up at the diner.

There is something special about spending late nights at the local diner with friends. The food, the small tables, the loud environment—ending the night at a diner was always a great time. Growing up in New Jersey, it was almost impossible not to get roped into going, because diners are literally everywhere. Some might say diners are just another restaurant, but us diner-regulars know the truth—nothing can replace those late nights in our favorite place. If you grew up spending late nights at your local diner, these are some things you will simply never forget. 

1. Breakfast is ALWAYS a good decision.

When you're at the diner that late at night, it's probably the morning anyway. Why not start breakfast early? New Jersey is known for their Taylor ham, egg, and cheese sandwiches. Depending on where you're from, you might call it a "pork roll," egg, and cheese, too. Either way, there is one thing everyone can agree on: the best time for breakfast food is all the time.  

2. Pancakes are the move. 

This is just further evidence that breakfast is perfect diner food. Diner pancakes are notably sweet, fluffy, and remind you of the ones your mom used to make (but way better). There are limitless toppings to add, including the standard chocolate chips, or Supreme Sundae pancakes (scoops of ice cream, chocolate chips, strawberries, and whipped cream). Also, there are also easy to share with friends. There's nothing like a sweet treat to end your sweet night. 

3. There is a wrong type of mozzarella stick. 

Not all mozz sticks are created equally (a common misconception). The best kinds of sticks are brown, crispy, and round. Thankfully, most diners have these in abundance. Every regular diner-goer knows that you DO NOT mess with mozzarella sticks that are light brown, floppy, and square-shaped. You can thank me later

4. Disco fries. Say no more.

Gravy cheese fries—what's not to love? Part of the reason disco fries are such a crowd-pleaser is that there is something for everyone. There are the regular fries at the bottom for the 'plain-Jane's out there, and the uneven distribution of cheese and gravy allow people to personalize their fries. If you're really in the mood, you can spice up your snack with other toppings like bacon.

5. Tables are never big enough to fit all of your friends. 

Everyone loves sitting in a booth, but there is never enough room for everyone. If you try hard enough, you can fit an about extra two people on each side. But sometimes, there's that one friend that has to pull up a chair at the end, or even at a different table. 

6. You see everyone you know. 

Everyone ends up at the diner. It's always fun seeing that guy from math class or the girl you were friends with in middle school. You just feel so popular! Seeing everyone reminds you that you have a whole community surrounding you—it makes your big town a little bit smaller.  

7. There's that one waitress that's been there forever and just gets you. 

Maybe it's just because it's a local joint, but for some reason you know the staff and the staff knows you. At every local diner, there is always at least one waiter or waitress that has been there for as long as you can remember. They have the late night diner game down to a science: they know what you want, how quick you want it, and how to split the check. Without them, diner life just isn't the same. 

8. "Decent service is a rarity after 12am."

This quote came from my friend, and it perfectly describes the situations at diners. Service is SO SLOW after 12 in the morning. A milkshake can arrive on your way out. However, this teaches a very important lesson: patience is key. And if you're really a pro, you know that kissing up to the waiter or waitress early on gets you better service. It's a process, but it's well worth it. 

9. The old couple that's just always there. 

Same time, same place. It seems like this couple has been eating at the same diner for at least 50 years. Seeing their relationship makes you sad because you want a love like that, but also makes you happy because they're just so darn cute.

10.  Milkshakes need multiple straws. 

It's just a fact. Having many straws makes you realize how important these people sitting next to you in the booth are (and that you are going to be glad you didn't finish that whole milkshake by yourself in the morning). 

While some people may not think these 10 things are important, diner kids know just how meaningful they really are. These are the things that shaped our teen years and will never, ever forget. So this one is for all the diners out there, and for my friends that helped me recreate some of the best memories of my high school experience.