“HEARD.” “BEHIND YOU.” “4-Top.” “In the weeds.”

These are words that you would only know after working in the restaurant industry, which means unless you’ve had to seat a table of six while your table of four waves you over for their check, then needed to tell your manager that the ice machine is broken so you can make the customers their drinks while simultaneously closing out a check for your other table. If you don’t know these words, you’ve never worked in a restaurant.

So, naturally, it is understood when your friends tip $1.50 while you’re tipping $7.00 because you know the struggle they go through. Here are other reasons why restaurant workers make better customers.

1. You’re more patient


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You understand that the wait staff has more to do than bring you your food. So, when you’ve just ordered you relax and enjoy the company of your friends and loved ones. Trust me, they appreciate you being patient with them. Especially if they’re new.

2. You tip heavier than your friends (if the waiter/waitress is good)


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This does not by any means mean you’re a high roller. You just understand the struggle they go through with only getting paid $1.50 an hour, and relying solely off of tips since taxes are taken from their paychecks.

3. You joke around with the waitstaff


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They are probably stressed out, and need some comedic relief. Naturally, you throw a joke here and there to lighten their load and help them understand that there is no need to stress at your table. Plus, laughter is the best medicine.

4. You enjoy your time more


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You aren’t upset with the time it takes to get your food or drinks. You just enjoy that you’re sitting with people you like, and not working.

5. You help educate your friends on restaurant etiquette


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Some of your friends may not be aware of the proper etiquette in restaurants. This is the perfect opportunity to educate your friends. Explain to them the proper tipping for waiters/waitresses, the proper way to leave your spot when you’re done, and the proper way to talk to waiters/waitresses without being rude and condescending. They are people too.

6. You are simply a better customer


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Your wait staff will appreciate your understanding of the position and stress they are in. They will therefore treat you better since you’ve been in their shoes, and you already feel like friends. You are better than the 7 types of customers all servers hate.