Since "Shameless" first premiered in 2011, audiences everywhere have watched, captivated in front of their TVs as the drama that is the Gallagher clan unfolded before them. Surviving the South Side of Chicago is an art for the Gallagher family, and season 8 brings with it a whole new can of worms. The season premiere begins with Carl selling off the Gallagher children's "inheritance," or the crystal meth that their mother, Monica, left to them upon her death. From this, the chaos that the Gallaghers encounter on a daily basis ensues over the next 12 episodes, with every character evolving over the course of the newest season.

From smuggling immigrants into Canada to weddings with unstable teen drug addicts, this season gives a whole new face to the chameleon family that is the Gallaghers. Thus, here are 10 snacks that embody the personality of each main character in this riveting and hilarious new season.

1. Frank: Dried Seaweed

Frank in this season as dried up and crusty as ever, yet he appears to have morphed into a new man, determined to make what he calls "amends," or the most of his estranged wife's death (after smoking two pounds of meth of course). Frank joins working America only to soon fall fate to joblessness, once again making a living by doing the most absurd thing you could imagine—smuggling Arabs across the border into Canada under Trump's America and then plotting to rob Liam's rich friend's house (and ultimately failing and having to hide in a port-a-potty). Like dried seaweed, Frank isn't always tasty, yet he provides the essential nutrients, and laughable moments, that "Shameless" needs to be one of the best shows on television.

2. Fiona: Nuts

Fiona has evolved into the person she is in season 8 of "Shameless" through a little bit of luck, escaping the system, and fighting to make a life for herself. She might be crazy to keep going, after all, she has endured, and therefore she is, quite accurately, nuts. From remodeling her building, making new friends (and sort of a new sexy-carpenter-man?), and chasing out homeless squatters from her building, Fiona is fierce and never backs down from a fight. As in all other seasons, Fiona's saltiness, fearlessness, and healthy boost keep the Gallagher family thriving.

3. Lip: Dark Chocolate

Lip is still Lip of season's past (minus the alcoholism): sexy, a heartbreaker, determined to escape the system, everyone's savior, and too smart for his good. He is smooth to the taste buds and warms all of our hearts, making him the epitome of dark chocolate.

4. Ian: Pretzels 

Ian is the savior of all, the voice of reason, and the character to which we all know we identify most because he feels the pain of his upbringing and embraces it to do good in the world and for his struggling community. Ian is a fighter through and through, saving transient drug-addicted homosexual and transgender children from the treacherous streets of the South Side Christian community determined to "pray the gay away." Ultimately, Ian becomes their champion of gay rights, or "Gay Jesus", using the bible as a champion of the rights of all and becoming an overnight sensation. Fittingly, Ian is a pretzel, continually reshaping himself to be the best that he can be, with a salty twist doled out to anyone that crosses him or his family of course!

5. Debbie: KIND Bar

Debbie might not be everyone's cup of tea, and she indeed has made some questionable life decisions in seasons past. However, this season Debbie has taken control of her life by attending vocational school to become a welder, being a working mom, and evolving into an adult who goes to bars with her friends after a long day. So fittingly, Debbie is a KIND bar: multitalented, protein-packed, smiley to all despite her unfortunate lot in life, and delicious when you find the right flavor or see the best side of who Debbie has become.

6. Carl: Beef Jerky

Carl has the thickest skin of all the Gallagher clan, enduring juvie, being a drug dealer, and now training to be in the military. Carl is resilient and a no-nonsense type of guy, getting married to his crazy, ex-drug addict wanna-be street survivor but rich girl girlfriend, and continually escaping her psychotic entrapping clutches to pursue his dreams of being in the army. As the most connected and the most cunning of the Gallagher's, Carl is beef jerky: meaty and tough and healthy and delicious all at once.

7. Liam: Goldfish

Liam's role in his uppity private school is to be the token black student from the wrong side of the tracks. Indeed like the Goldfish slogan ("the snack that smiles back!") he embraces the blatant racism he is exposed to on a daily basis and takes everything that he faces with a huge smile. Nevertheless, in this season Liam comes into his own, makes a wealthy friend who whisks him away on a very un-Gallagher-esque vacation, and finally shirks his manipulative father to pursue happiness and individuality.

8. Veronica: Tortilla Chips and Salsa

Veronica comes in hot to season 8 as always, getting Svetlana evicted from the bar by ICE because she would not give it back to V and Kevin. They then welcome her back into their less-than-normal American family and she grows into an even fiercer woman throughout this season of "Shameless." V is a momma bear, fierce and spicy and packs a punch, just like chips and salsa!

9. Kevin: Pizza

Kevin is gooey and soft on the inside and has rock hard abs on the outside. Despite having a lump and the possibility of breast cancer, Kevin is still a (mostly) calm and loving father and husband and generous bar owner. Kevin is cheesy and delicious, and we can't help but love him, just like pizza!

10. Svetlana: Cherries

Svetlana of this season of "Shameless" starts out as the exploited member of Veronica and Kevin's family and is jailed by ICE. However, she comes back sour yet sweet as ever—just like cherries—and is determined to make her life better by marrying a wealthy old man that she steals from her backstabbing former "hand-whore." Svetlana is cherries through and through—which pairs perfectly with her favorite drink from Russia, vodka—firm and flavorful and sweet and works great with the rest of her pair: V and Kevin. 

So wherever you choose to binge watch the new season of "Shameless," whether it be with friends all together on Sunday nights or alone in your dorm room, sit back, relax, and munch on a snack that resembles one of your favorite hilarious characters!