Let's face it, after a night (or in this case, day) of drinking, there's nothing we want more than to take a snack to the face. Something about being a good level of silly in the middle of the afternoon just makes us crave food. But there's the problem, after Super Saturday what is the best snack to eat? 

Well, I've selflessly devoted my Saturdays for the past year or so to getting my Super on and testing the best snacks to eat once the frat backyards have cleared out. Here's some of my top contenders:

If you're starving on the walk back from Super... Chicken Tenders

You can never go wrong with the old reliable chicken tenders from the Bison. What more could you want? They're fried, crispy, and delicious. AND they're even better for after chillier Supers because they're so warm and filling. All you have to do is be willing to sacrifice a little bit of self-respect to talk to the poor Bison workers who have to deal with your drunken stumbling. They pair nicely with the O-rings if you need a little extra grease and substance. Not feeling Chicken Tenders but are hitting up the Bison?  Check out these Bison Hacks.

If you're looking to order in... Dominoes

pizza, pepperoni, dough, crust, sauce, mozzarella, cheese
Emily Waples

If you haven't ordered Dominoes in a drunken state, you're either 1. lying or 2. always trick your friends into doing it. Even though some people may only think to order Doms around 1 a.m., that cheesy bread still tastes just as good at 5 in the afternoon. Ordering delivery is your best friend after Super because you can change out of your Hunters and vest into your favorites sweats, and dive straight into a large pizza from the comfort of your bed. Order the largest pizza and #SpoonTip, eat it after your post-super nap, your leftover pizza is safe to eat.

If you're looking for an instant fix... Popcorn

Lea Walsh

While I would typically recommend a bigger snack after Super because the odds of getting dinner after your inevitable post-Super nap are slim, I will never talk you out of eating popcorn. Popcorn is a classic drunchy, especially when you just can't wait for delivery or the line at the Bison. In under 3 minutes your hands are covered in butter and salt and you are somehow even happier than you were 30 minutes ago dancing on an elevated surface. And if you're one of those people who tries to be healthy even when they just consumed their weight in beer calories, you can opt for a lighter popcorn and feel that much better about yourself. And if you're really curious, see how much popcorn you can get for 100 calories.