When it comes to football, it's clear that the University of Alabama reigns greatness. I mean, we aren't ranked #1 in the SEC for nothing. However, I want to highlight some of the other reasons on why Alabama is the best school in the state, besides football.  

So in case you needed more reasons to love the tide, I'm here to give you 10. 

1. Yellow Hammers

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Fallon Acker

Gallette's bar is famous for its mixed vodka drink and is only in "title town", aka Tuscaloosa. It's the perfect drink of choice, day or night, plus you get to keep the cup. University of Alabama students even incorporated the drink's name into a football game chant.

2. The Tuscaloosa Amphitheater

Fallon Acker

According to its website, the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater holds about 7,500 people. The beautiful venue has hosted a variety of performers from artists like Dierks Bentley to Wide Spread Panic.  

3. Lower Tuition

According to Start Class, University of Alabama offers lower tuition than Auburn, both in and out of state. Yep, better quality for a lower price. I'd choose Bama any day. 

4. Bama's mascot is way better

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Fallon Acker

Alabama's mascot is way more distinct. There's quite a few other "tigers" in the south including Clemson University (also orange) and Louisiana State University. What other (relevant) schools have elephants? None.

Not to mention, Auburn's slogan is "war eagle", which has nothing to do with its mascot or colors. At least "roll tide" refers to the official chant for the "Crimson Tide", and Bama's colors are crimson and white. So it's actually significant. 

5. Gymnastics

According to NCAA, the women's Crimson Tide gymnastics team has won six national championship titles in the past 30 years. They are currently ranked #4 in the NCAA, which is two ahead of Auburn

6. Rama Jama's

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Corinne Odom

Rama Jama's is another Bama staple and I don't know how others live without it. With their delicious chili dogs and cheap pancakes served all day you really can't beat it. Much like the Yellow Hammer, UA students incorporated this one into a football game chant too.

7. The More the Merrier

Ricki Slater

According to Start Class, Alabama had twice as many applicants as Auburn in 2016. With twice the amount of people, Bama also has twice the amount of school spirit, parties and fun. 

8. The color orange just isn't flattering

...on anyone.

9. Dreamland BBQ

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Fallon Acker

Aka the best BBQ. According to its website,  Dreamland BBQ was founded in Tuscaloosa in 1958 and is best known for its ribs and pork sandwiches. Since then, the tasty BBQ joint has expanded to 10 different locations across the south, excluding Auburn.

10. The Black Warrior River

Fallon Acker

The Black Warrior River is personally one of my favorite spots around campus. Whether it's for exercise or leisure, with friends, solo or a significant other I guarantee you will find beauty at the riverwalk. According to blackwarriorriver.org, the river covers about 6,300 square miles of Alabama, not including Auburn.

So despite what you've heard, the University of Alabama has a lot more to offer than just 16 football national championship titles and almost all of it is better than what Auburn can offer. Anything they can do, we can do better.