Though Auburn is a small town there’s one thing that it’s definitely not lacking: pizza. If you’re familiar to Auburn, you know that there are at least six pizza specialty restaurants and many more that serve pizza along with other dishes – all within a two-mile radius. Sometimes picking just one of the places to eat can be tricky. So behold, a when to go where guide to some of the most popular pizza places in Auburn.

Little Italy’s

Photo courtesy of @spoon_auburn Instagram

When I think of Little Italy’s one thing comes to mind: late nighting. The only time I have visited this Auburn renowned pizza palace before midnight was during Camp War Eagle freshman year. Little Italy’s is a great choice after a night out as it stays open until the early hours of the morning, 2 am to be exact. Did I mention it’s also right downtown? Score. Hit up Little Italy’s if you want a single or double slice (or a whole pizza). Personal faves include a simple cheese slice with pesto.


Photo by Aarthi Chezian

Another great choice for late nighting, Domino’s is perfect if you just want to get home and have a pizza or another delicious menu option delivered to your doorstep. Domino’s is known for its $5 medium pizzas. Definitely take advantage of this great deal ASAP. Domino’s is also perfect for a Monday night Bachelorette viewing party with your roomies. Have it delivered so you don’t miss a single second of the “most dramatic season yet!”


Photo courtesy of @spoon_auburn Instagram

This pizza place is new to the Auburn scene, but already making huge moves. Go to Pieology if you want to construct your ideal build your own pizza with so many yummy toppings. According to their website, they have created over 78 billion pizza possibilities. Challenge accepted. Pieology has also recently extended their hours, making it another great choice for a late night snack. Another plus: right in the heart of downtown. Personal faves include the buffalo chicken pizza.

Uncle Maddio’s

Photo courtesy of @biggirlbites Instagram

Uncle Maddio’s falls into the same category as Pieology. It’s another great place to custom build your ideal pizza. The prices here are lower than those of Pieology. They also have have cheesy bread that is to die for. Another plus: Uncle Maddio’s often hosts philanthropy nights. Check it out if you want to eat delicious pizza while simultaneously giving back to a great cause. Personal faves include any pizza with the turkey sausage. Yum.

Mellow Mushroom

Photo courtesy of @spoon_auburn Instagram

Surprisingly Mellow Mushroom is probably one of the more formal pizza places in Auburn. Though it has a laid back atmosphere, it’s the only pizza joint where you are waited on. Mellow Mushroom’s eclectic and art-filled environment makes it feel unique to Auburn though it’s actually a chain restaurant found all around the US. Personal faves include parmesan pretzels, Greek salad, and any calzone.

Papa John’s

Photo courtesy of @spoon_auburn Instagram

Papa John’s is another great choice for pizza and stands out because it is located on campus, right in the heart of the student center. Though I always opt for the classic cheese pizza, Papa John’s has many varieties of pizzas including their newest: the Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza. Hit up this conveniently located pizza place to spend leftover Tigercard money.

Now that your mouth is sufficiently watering, use this guide and go check out one of the many pizza places Auburn has to offer.