With the coming of the cold winter months, Trader Joe's can feel like a home away from home. For many, Trader Joe's is not just a grocery store--it's an experience. The great prices, friendly staff, and random but excellent snacks never fail to entice college students. In close proximity to Georgetown, Trader Joe's is honestly second to none

Recently, the beloved grocery store has released some exciting new products. Although many people stick to the classic Trader Joe's goods, I highly recommend these 10 new items. Many of them are perfect for the fall and winter months, and they are a great way to branch out your Trader Joe's palate. 

1. Pepita Salsa

Sophie Allan

Trader Joe's new Pepita Salsa is a classic snack with a fall flair. With a bold spice, the salsa has the perfect texture, and the chunks of pepitas add a nice touch. It pairs perfectly with anything from just plain tortilla chips to a delicious grain bowl. 

2. Heirloom Popcorn 

Sophie Allan

Made from heirloom corn kernels, Trader Joe's Heirloom Popcorn is the perfect, bite-sized snack for any occasion. Known for being more nutritious than other corn varieties, the Heirloom Popcorn is delicious. The popcorn has subtle hints of avocado oil and is perfectly salted. 

3. Birthday Cake Popcorn

Sophie Allan

Trader Joe's is definitely picking up its popcorn game, and this kettle corn has a festive twist. The Birthday Cake Popcorn is not too sweet, and it has an enjoyable vanilla flavor paired with fun sprinkles. This snack is perfect for when you are craving something sweet but not too heavy. 

4. ABC Bar

Trader Joe's ABC Bar has simple ingredients, but it packs a big punch. It is the perfect on-the-go breakfast or snack in between classes. There is sweetness from the chocolate, but it is balanced out with the delicious almond butter. 

5. Sparkling Coconut Water with Yuzu 

This beverage brings a whole new approach to coconut water. With a refreshing, unusual flavor, this Trader Joe's beverage is very hydrating. The yuzu, a yellowish citrus fruit, combines with the coconut flavors to create a pleasant taste. This drink is perfect for those times when you wish you were relaxing on the beach. 

6. Big Soft Pretzels

Sophie Allan

Trader Joe's Big Soft Pretzel is an upgrade from the normally plain snack. All you have to do is let the pretzel sit at room temperature to defrost, and you have a chewy, airy snack. Also, you get to control the level of saltiness, which is an added bonus. This item pairs well with a variety of spreads, but it is especially great with Trader Joe's Cookie Butter

7. Carrot Cake Spread 

Sophie Allan

Delivering the perfect amount of fall flavors, Trader Joe's Carrot Cake Spread is an unconventional take on a classic dessert. The spread can be paired with anything sweet or savory, and the chunks of carrot give it an excellent texture. The unique blend of seasonal spices is sure to get anyone in the mood for the fall season. 

8. Caramel Cookie Crunch Gelato

Trader Joe's Caramel Cookie Crunch Gelato is light and fluffy, and it has a perfectly balanced sweetness. The caramel surprise and cookie chunks give the gelato a great texture, and it is creamy without being heavy. This delicious frozen dessert will make you feel as if you are spending the day in Italy. 

9. Ready to Drink Cold Brew Coffee 

Sophie Allan

This new Ready to Drink Cold Brew Coffee is the perfect energy boost for when you're studying in the library or about to head to class. An easy and convenient choice, the drink pairs really well with Trader Joe's Vanilla Almond Milk. With a smooth and rich flavor, the cold brew makes iced coffee in the morning quick. 

10. Rich Hydrating Face Sheet Mask 

Sophie Allan

Trader Joe's exceeds all expectations in managing to not only create the perfect snacks, but also the perfect self-care items. Trader Joe's Rich Hydrating Face Sheet Mask is easy to apply and very soothing, and it combats the dryness that inevitably comes with fall. With a refreshing cucumber smell, this mask has natural and simple ingredients and is great for relaxation. 

From exciting new fall treats to simple self-care products, Trader Joe's is always there for you. The grocery store has options for everyone, and, although the lines can be daunting, you will not regret trying these new products. Thanks to its homey atmosphere and quality products, Trader Joe's never fails to make you smile.