Eggs are such a versatile food. You can eat 'em any way you like — sunny side up, fried, scrambled, poached, boiled, etc. You can put an egg on anything and it automatically tastes better. Eggs are in so many of our foods and so nutritious for us (yes, including the yolk). It is time to learn the many hacks to make yourself look and feel like a pro in the kitchen. 

1. Avoid the Shells  

egg, egg yolk, fried egg, yolk, omelet
Amelia Hitchens

It can be very hard to avoid the shells when you crack an egg, so you're bound to get a piece of shell once in awhile. An easy way to remove the shell is to use a bigger part of the shell to scoop it out or you can use your fingers to get it out by dipping them in water first, then reaching for the shells. 

2. Separating the Yolk From the White

Kate Donald

We all know the struggle when we want to make an egg white omelette, but we get a sliver of yolk in there. Well, worry no more because there is an easier way to separate the yolk from the white, besides just  hoping for the best. All you need is an empty water bottle. Just crack an egg in a bowl and take the water bottle, squeezing it right over the yolk. That way, the yolk goes into the water bottle, clean and easy. 

3. DIY Hollandaise Sauce

bacon, egg, cheese
Kate Strazds

Hollandaise is the sauce of brunch and brunch is a sacred meal on Sundays. But what if I told you, you can make your own hollandaise with eggs as the main ingredient? Game changer. Now you can have your hollandaise every day if you want to. 

4. Meal Prep Hard-Boiled Eggs 

dairy product, sweet, deviled eggs, egg, cream, milk
Caroline Alexander

If you love eggs and want to get into meal-prepping, this is the best hack for you. The oven is an easier and faster way to get your hard-boiled eggs. All you need is to put individual eggs into a muffin tin in the oven for 30 minutes. Bam, you have yourself 12 hard-boiled eggs ready to eat for the next two weeks. 

5. Know If It's Gone Bad 

egg, chicken, egg yolk
Jocelyn Hsu

I'm sure you've been in the situation where you have eggs in your fridge for a very long time, and wondered if they can go bad. Well, they can, and it's very easy to tell if they are. All you have to do is put an egg in water. If it floats, it's bad; if it sinks, it's still good. 

6. Top it On Other Foods

egg, dairy product, egg yolk, fried egg, fish
Hayden Pigott

Eggs are great to eat on their own, but they are also a good topping for your dishes while adding a whole lot of nutrients (protein, Vitamin D, etc.) to your meal. 

7. Peel a Hard-Boiled Egg  

egg, egg yolk, chicken, chocolate
Kristine Mahan

It usually takes a long time to peel a hard-boiled egg, but not any more! When you take the egg out from the water (or muffin tin), put it in a bowl of cold water to cool it down and peel it underwater for a faster way to get the egg to your plate and to your stomach. 

8. Poaching an Egg 

toast, bread, butter, egg, coffee, dairy product
Kirby Barth

Poaching eggs may sound like it's only for professional chefs, but there's actually an easy way to poach an egg. Put plastic wrap over a bowl, crack the egg in it, twist the plastic wrap shut to make a bag and place it in hot water. 

9. Keep Your Eggs Contained When You're Frying Them  

egg, bread, toast, sweet
Phoebe Melnick

When you crack an egg in a pan, it's frustrating to have the egg white cover the whole pan. To avoid this disaster, you can use a piece of bread and use a circular glass to cut a hole in the middle and then crack the egg into the hole. Problem solved and with more food! 

#SpoonTip: If you're gluten free, you can cut a piece of bell pepper instead or you can also bake an egg in an avocado

10. Use a Muffin Tin For Scrambled Eggs and Quiches    

Mulin Xiong

Muffin tins aren't only for hard-boiling eggs, you can also use them to make mini quiches if you want to be fancy, or make regular, everyday scrambled eggs with whatever ingredients you like (tomato, onion, mushroom, bacon). Making them in muffin tins will give you enough breakfast to last you a week. Not to mention, they'll be bite size so you can eat on-the-go (or if you're like me, in two bites). 

If you use these hacks in your everyday life when cooking with eggs, I can promise you your life will be so much easier. For some of these hacks, you can even make it your own and use different ingredients to suit your taste. So get crackin' and try some of these today.