Every year Google comes out with the "Year in Search," a compilation of the most searched items of the year. They release global lists and country specific lists. From sporting events, to global news, to musicians, they basically know what everyone was thinking about in 2016. Kind of spooky, but also exciting.

But the most important lists have to be the food-related ones. America's most searched recipes of 2015 ranged from pumpkin seeds to pesto. If Google speaks any sort of truth, 2016 brought a drastic change in eating habits.

Personally, I prefer 2015's brownies and apple pie to 2016's weird Thanksgiving food and questionable ice cream. Check out the top 10 most searched recipes and how to make them below.

1. Green Bean Casserole 

meat, seafood, sauce, pasta, vegetable
Morgan Nielsen

Okay, in my opinion, this Thanksgiving classic should be a retro recipe by now, but clearly America does not agree with me. This shining dish, which is a combo of green beans, half and half, and cream of mushroom soup, topped the Google recipe search charts in 2016. If you're in agreement with the rest of America, you can try making it at home — even when it's not Thanksgiving.

2. Brussels Sprouts

salad, sprouts, meat, brussels sprout, cabbage, vegetable
Kelda Baljon

I have to give a shout out to all the people who searched for Brussels sprouts. When made correctly, this vegetable is one of the best. Don't just steam them though, or the dish will turn out bland and inedible. Really delicious Brussels sprouts are roasted, sautéed, or fried until the get perfectly browned and crispy, like this amazing recipe. Don't forget to season — olive oil can seriously transform veggies. 

#SpoonTip: If you're in Ann Arbor, you have to try Blue Tractor's fried Brussels sprouts. Trust me. 

3. Hashbrown Casserole

Caroline Liu

Honestly, I didn't even know this was a thing, so I had to Google it myself. It's essentially the same type of ingredients that go into a green bean casserole, so it seems like this is what America was into in 2016. Forget avocado toast and bring on the condensed cream of chicken soup. Check out this Spoon version for a casserole that's not just for Thanksgiving.

4. Guacamole 

chili, corn, condiment, tortilla chips, jalapeno, vegetable, sauce, salsa, guacamole
Alice Huang

A true classic that should always be number one. If you've never made guacamole before, this recipe should be at the top of your list.

5. Chicken Marsala 

sauce, meat, chicken breast, chicken
Jennifer Starrs

This recipe is perfect for Emeril Lagasse fans who are into traditional Italian food. It's named after the wine that is used in the recipe. Marsala wine is popular in a lot of Italian dishes and is often used to make rich sauces. If you want to learn more about this dish, or just want an excuse to buy some wine, you should try making this dish.

6. Chicken Tetrazzini 

I'm honestly surprised that so many of these dishes contain some combination of heavy cream and mushrooms — that's the most common flavor combo on this list. America has spoken, and it has chosen heavy cream. But, then again, America has also chosen Trump, so can you even trust this list? If you're into mushrooms, pasta, and heavy cream, try making this chicken tetrazzini.

7. Snow Cream

I have so many questions about this. I'm simultaneously concerned and intrigued, but I'm also hoping people were just Googling this just to find out what it was. As a dish, it sounds a wee bit unsanitary, but also just strange. If you love to stick your tongue out in a snow storm, this is your recipe. It calls for two cups of literal snow. Then you're supposed to mix it with some heavy cream and enjoy. Who came up with this? 

8. Buttercream Frosting

berry, chocolate, cream, cake, blackberry
Dara Ades

Yes, yes, yes! Finally, a recipe that uses heavy cream for a good reason. There are so many variations of buttercream frosting, but if you're already making dessert then do it right. This Nutella buttercream is everything you ever wanted and more.

9. Pork Chops

bacon, beef, ham, meat, pork
Leigh Needham

The recipes seem to be getting more and more normal as you travel down the list, which is promising. If you're looking for a modern take on this classic, try this lavender-crusted pork chop.

10. Turkey Gravy 

Helena Lin

This definitively proves that everyone in America is cooking frantically on Thanksgiving. Apparently, no one trusts their family recipes, though. And who better to turn to when you're in doubt than the omniscient Google? Or better, Spoon Recipes.

Whether this list represents your exact search history, or shocks and confuses you, Google doesn't lie. It seems like 2016 was mostly filled with Thanksgiving food and old world Italian food. Who knows what 2017 will bring.