Thanksgiving is a time for family traditions, especially when it comes to food. Maybe you're dying to eat your grandmother's famous stuffing, or you just can't wait for that amazing mashed potato dish your aunt always brings. Or, maybe you're like me and your family doesn't really understand Thanksgiving turkey, so you're patiently awaiting brisket day. 

Whatever your Thanksgiving traditions may be, I hope, for your sake, they don't include recipes passed down from the 1950s. These retro Thanksgiving recipes feature an insane amount of Jell-o and very questionable food combos, so let's give thanks that they aren't still around. 

1. Jell-O Salads

Jell-O salads were the biggest food trend of yesteryear. I don't know if it's more concerning that they decided to mix Jell-o with olives or that they classified it as a salad. 

2. Hot Dr. Pepper

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Is this the chaser of the future, guys? Let's hope not. I'm imagining that heating up Dr. Pepper would just result in non-carbonated lukewarm soda. Gross. 

3. Orange Mallow Yam Yums

This one might just be personal preference. I know that marshmallow covered sweet potatoes have already stood the test of time, but I refuse to eat them. Either way there is definitely no place for orange in this mix. 

4. Miracle Whip Salad

Putting aside concerns about what the hell Miracle Whip might be made out of, combining it with cream cheese and lettuce is without doubt a bad idea.   

5.Cranberry Jewel Salad

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This is probably the least concerning of the recipes, but I'm still questioning the presence of jello in everything. This year you can be thankful that the jello craze is a thing of the past. 

6. Sandwich Loaf

Is it a cake? Is it a sandwich? The world may never know, but the real question is why is it blue...

7. Tomato Soup Cake

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This artsy picture is very Warhol-esque, but the contents of the cake are still suspicious. This cake actually has an interesting history, but let's hope in history is where it remains. 

This year I'm wishing everyone a jello free Thanksgiving. If you're looking for an article to revive your love for Thanksgiving foods, check out this food porn, but for now — let's be thankful for the miracle that is the death of the Miracle Whip salad.