Who doesn't love a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Something about this simple yet stellar combo never fails to satisfy. But there are many ways to take your PBJ game to the next level, and here are a few suggestions for how you can do just that:


Josie Anker

The simple addition of a sliced up banana makes your PBJ much more satisfying. You get the added health benefits of bananas (potassium!), as well as the bonus stomach fulfillment.

Toasted PBJ

Josie Anker

If you have yet to try this, you are seriously missing out. Toasting your bread before slathering on the PBJ not only makes the bread perfectly crispy-crunchy, but it also turns the peanut butter and jelly into melted perfection.

Chocolate & PB

Josie Anker

Ditch the jelly on this one and add chocolate on your sandwich by replacing the jelly with the creamy, chocolately goodness of Nutella.

Apple Cinnamon PBJ

Josie Anker

Anyone can appreciate the classic apple and peanut butter afternoon snack, so it just makes sense to add some apple to your PBJ--it's like a two-in-one. Bonus points for putting it on cinnamon raisin bread, making this apple cinnamon PBJ your new go-to.

Endless Opportunities

When it comes to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, the options are endless. This is a versatile lunch staple, so don't be afraid to be adventurous. Try a new kind of bread, sprinkle on some seeds, add some fruit...whatever! Chances are you will not be disappointed.