For those of you who have not tried the amazing chocolate-hazelnut spread that is Nutella, go and buy yourself a jar. Just like how you can put cheese on so much to make it better, the same can be said about Nutella. Read on for some chocolate induced cravings that are more exciting than eating it straight from the jar:


Courtesy of Daniah Mohammed

Nutella and Bread

The most obvious and versatile pairing that will work with any type of bread. It’s classic and simple perfection. Try toasting it for maximum melty goodness.

Nutella and Banana

Nutella with Fruit

Banana slices and Nutella taste great together, and the fruit adds a healthy aspect to your snacking. Nutella also pairs well with strawberries and apples.

Photo Curtesy of SpoonU University of Rochester

Nutella in hot drinks

If you are looking for a way to make your latte or hot chocolate significantly better, try giving it a swirl of Nutella. It’s so rich that it’ll taste like a luxe drink even on a college budget, with added creamy and nutty goodness.

Oatmeal 2

Nutella on oatmeal

Why not start the day off on a happy and delicious note? As Nutella melts into a bowl of hot oatmeal, the stress about everything else you need to get done fades away. Throw some peanut butter or chocolate chips in for a morning treat, or try some nuts and bananas for a healthier way to punch up your oatmeal.



Courtesy of Lavonte, Flickr

Melted Nutella on dessert

If you’re craving an indulgent dessert, melt some Nutella and pour it over ice cream for a easy hot fudge sundae. Nutella can also double as frosting for cakes and cookies, in the perfect mix of simplicity and easiness.