I always hated going to the gym by myself. I normally have no idea wtf I'm doing and it's actually pretty boring. But then I started trying out different group classes.  Whether I'm tapping it back at Soul Cycle or going all out at OTF, I now swear by group workout classes.


If you're unsure whether group workout classes are right for you, try one out with some friends. They will know if you skip out on class and probably give you a really hard time, so you will definitely be encouraged to go every time.

Social Experience

When you join a group workout class, you join a community. You will bond with your classmates over your pain and glory, and you'll most likely continue to see the same people in your classes over and over again. 


A little competition can be extremely healthy and helpful. There's something to be said about looking around and seeing other people going all out. It definitely makes me want to try harder and give it my all.


There is no goofing around and taking excessive breaks in group workout classes. There is a structured workout that you are expected to follow, you don't just get to go off and do your own thing. But, on the bright side, this means you don't have to do any thinking or planning. All you have to do is go with the flow and follow along.


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Not only is changing up your workout good for you, but doing the same thing over and over again gets really old really fast. Most group workout classes like to switch things up a little every class. And you can even add a little variety by mixing it into your own exercise routine.


I used to never know whether I was doing the correct form or targeting the right area, but now I have coaches who have no shame calling me out when I'm doing something completely wrong (it happens a lot). They are certified and trained, they actually know what works, and what doesn't


Last but not least, group workout classes are actually more enjoyable! You may suffer during class, but the feeling of accomplishment afterwards is totally worth it and you'll probably end up laughing at each other's pain along the way.