With bikini season quickly approaching, many of us are heading to the gym to get our workouts on. It's no lie that the gym can feel pretty intimidating. But don't worry, you're not alone.

Between Phoebe's spunk, Joey's love for food, Chandler's enthusiasm, Monica's competitiveness, Rachel's empowering spirit, and Ross's hard-working nature, the cast of 'Friends' can perfectly sum up the 13 stages of going to the gym.

1. Telling yourself it's finally time to go to the gym

You had to get out of bed one of these days.

2. Walking into a fully packed gym

Searching for an empty machine is a constant struggle.

3. Putting your favorite workout playlist on

Alright, now this workout thing isn't too bad. I got this.

4. Starting to get cramps

Classic rookie mistake.

5. Glancing over at your neighbor's machine

Comparing your neighbor's "calories burned" to yours...

6. Deciding to compete with your neighbor after feeling a bit insecure

Turn it up to 7.0. 

7. Slowing down way too fast after your workout

Probably should've cooled down for a sec...

8. Getting looks from people while struggling to catch your breath 

Nothing to see people, nothing to see.

9. Running into everyone you just didn't want to see

Always looking sweaty and bright red, of course.

10. Realizing you still have to do abs

Just when you thought it was over.

11. Staring at those people who smile while they workout

They're seriously something else.

12. When you have three reps of crunches left but the soreness kicks in

Will three more reps even give me abs?

13. Loving yourself for who you are

Embrace it. 

14. Heading home

Oh, you never thought the time would come.

15. Rewarding yourself for your hard work

It's fine, I'll just go to the gym again tomorrow.

Clearly, working out isn't so simple for everyone. But don't let the intimidation of the gym scare away. Just keep your mind set on your goals and focus your energy on being happy and healthy.