We all made a New Year's resolution about getting in shape or working out more consistently. But that never-ending battle with wanting to eat healthy and going to the gym everyday is one that we all (usually) end up losing. None of us can help it, temptation surrounds us from fast food restaurants to Instagram foodies to Facebook how-to dessert videos.

It doesn't help having work, classes, and/or absolutely no motivation when you aren't seeing immediate results. It can be a discouraging process, but you have to have the will power to keep up with it. Regardless of what your fitness goals are, I've come up with some ways to keep yourself accountable and consistent to get you where you want to be. They might sound a little ridiculous, but they helped me lose over eight pounds fall semester. Take a look at my personal list of ways to stay on track with your fitness goals and keep up the momentum. 

1. Put on workout clothes the second you wake up

Unless you have a morning job, this should be relatively easy to do. It gets you in the motion that you have a gym date some time during the day, and should be prepared to go at any time.

2. Take a picture after every workout

Taking pictures after the gym may seem cliche, but it keeps you accountable for the workout you completed. It will eventually become a habit and get you excited to take that after picture every time, knowing you killed it and put the time in. Not only that, it gives you photos to look back at throughout your process to see where you started and where you are. You will be surprised at the work you put in without noticing. 

3. Create a Fitstagram

Whether it's anonymous or not, having a fitness account to document your progress helps. The fitness community on Instagram is very supportive and encouraging, and everyone else on there is in the same position as you. Posting your gym pictures, again, keeps you accountable for your workouts.

Even writing in the captions of what your gym session consisted of is a way to journal the workout. Also, having a newsfeed of people who inspire you or are on the same path as you makes it less tempting to cheat on your goals.

4. Download a food app to track macros

Whether you are looking to limit your carb intake or put on weight, having some way to track your macros is important. Apps like MyFitnessPal take into account the nutrition of your food to track your protein, calories, carbs, etc. Depending on your goals, this can help you meet your daily food/protein intake. 

5. Go with a friend to the gym

The gym doesn't have to be boring. Tag along with a friend, they more than likely have their own fitness goals they need to attend to. 

6. Sign up for classes

Most gyms offer free classes with your membership, whether it's cycling or HIIT. Switch up your routine and take a class. They have designated times that can work within your schedule and you might end up loving it. 

7. Get on a fitness program 

If you're more of an independent person when it comes to the gym, try a program dedicated to your fitness goals. There are several out there online, with workouts created for each day of the week, like the BBG or push and pull split. 

8. Plan for a cheat meal

Clean eating is a must when it comes to fitness, but in order to stay sane you should plan for a cheat meal every week to two weeks. That way you have something to work/look forward to and you aren't depriving your body of food you love.

9. Avoid restaurants

This might be extreme, but it's not impossible. When you aren't eating out, you are forced to cook for yourself and therefore watch what you consume. It not only saves money, but keeps you active and less tempted to eat junk food. If you have to eat out, however, be aware of the ingredients used for your meal.  

9. Drink tons of water

Water is your best friend. Most times when you feel hungry but already ate, it's due to dehydration. Staying hydrated subsides those cravings and has amazing health benefits for your skin, kidneys, etc. 

10. Cut back on drinking

I hate to say it, but drinking kills your gains. Don't let all your hard work go to waste by consuming all you burned off in alcohol.

11. Have a support system

Lastly, it's always good to let your close friends and family know what your goals are. They will be there to support and encourage you along the way. 

These are just a few of the ways to stay on track with your fitness goals. You can pick and choose whichever ones you think will help, and start working them into your routine. The most important part is to be consistent and keep yourself accountable with the work you put in.