You were planning on going to go to the gym the other day, but then something came up. Life happens. But don't let the little things get in the way of showing your body some love. Your mind will be just as strong as your body once you commit to exercising more.

1. Form a Squad

Get a group of friends and workout together. This is extremely effective for early morning workouts when it is too easy to hit the snooze button. If you have "FOMO" this will be a great way to make you want to get up and get moving, without missing out. No squad? No problem! Group exercise classes and recreational sports leagues are wonderful ways to meet other people who share the goal of becoming healthier.

2. Schedule Exercise Into Your Day

Exercising is something you should do for yourself. Make time to create a healthier, stronger you. Have the mentality that your daily workout is not optional, it is simply part of your day. Before you know it, you’ll wonder what you did with that time before you routinely exercised. Even if you're tired after a long day, once you get to the gym you'll want to make the most of your time there since you got that far.

3. Gradually Increase Intensity

Your body is fragile, so don't overdo it on day one. Each day add a little more to your workout and you'll feel accomplished when you conquer your challenge. Try setting a short-term goal to follow and work your way to the finish line. This will make it more enjoyable to achieve that milestone compared to being discouraged if you don’t meet an unrealistic goal that you set who knows how long ago.

4. Remember How You Feel After A Workout

Whether it is a group exercise class or an individual workout, capture how you feel post sweat-sesh. Proud, energized, refreshed, less stressed… Trust me, this is what I used all last semester to get up and go cycle at 8 am. 

5. Stay Hydrated

You’ll feel better throughout the day and will be able to push yourself a little harder at the gym. Hydration makes a world of a difference during a workout. Think about how much you’re sweating and take note of the amount of water you drink before and after a workout to fuel and replenish your body.

These quick tips should help you get on track to get in shape. Exercise is a wonderful way to treat your body right. Put your earbuds in and jam out to your fav playlist while getting fit and having fun!