We all need water to stay healthy and hydrated, especially during these hot summer months. The Institute of Medicine advises men to drink around 3 liters a day and women to consume almost 2.5 liters of water a day.

Guzzling down this much water can seem like an intimidating task. If you’re sick of chugging water bottles all day long, try one of these 5 alternative ways to stay hydrated.

1. Eat Seasonal Fruits & Veggies


Photo by Lila Seeley

Fruits and vegetables have a naturally high water content. Summer fruits like watermelon and strawberries contain over 90% water, enough to keep your skin glowing and body hydrated simply by munching on a few servings. Cucumbers, celery and lettuce are also great hydrating snacks.

2. Gulp Down Some Coconut Water


Photo courtesy of loudestgist.com

Coconut water isn’t pleasing to everyone’s palate, but it is just what the body needs on a hot summer day. It is high in potassium, which we lose through sweat, and contains electrolytes and carbohydrates to keep you fueled and hydrated. Try adding natural flavors, such as freshly squeezed lime or freshly pressed fruit juices to enhance the flavor.

3. Juice Your Greens


Photo by Lila Seeley

Fruits and veggies contain high amounts of water, but if you don’t have time to chow down on a bowl of watermelon or a crispy salad, try juicing.

Luckily for those living the on-the-go lifestyle, juice shops are popping up like Starbucks in every city and town across the country. Chug a cold pressed green juice for a thirst quenching dose of tasty nutrients.

4. Avoid Salty Foods


Photo courtesy of Flickr.com

A diet based around processed, salty foods can severely dehydrate your body. We only need a small daily dose of sodium, which can be found naturally in plant based foods (like coconut water), so skip that salty side of fries and opt for apple slices or baby carrots instead.

5. Slurp Your Soup


Photo by Sarah Strohl

We usually skip soup in the summer and go for a cold creamy bowl of ice cream, but a big bowl of soup could be just what our bodies need to stay hydrated. Try chilled gazpacho or a savory veggie soup next time your stomach starts to grumble.

Plain ‘ole water is still the best way to ensure you’ll stay hydrated and energized throughout the day, but more fruits and veggies in your diet won’t hurt either.