The biggest steps I've taken mentally occurred while my shoes were clipped into the pedals of a SoulCycle bike. The moment you click in, the energy, the sense of community, and the purpose of the ride take over, washing you of your stresses and freeing you of your problems. You ride for yourself in this place where you can focus specifically on your intentions, goals, and perspective. Riding in SoulCycle taught me the importance of commitment and dedication, the strength it takes to fight through challenges and self-doubt, and the love a person needs to feel for him/herself and the world around them.

Why SoulCycle Isn't Just Another Cycling Class

Every ride leaves you inspired, with a fresh mindset and a new favorite song.  SoulCycle is no typical cycling class. The goal isn't to simply transform your body (which it totally does), but to find your soul - to empower yourself. When the class starts, you begin the beautiful, intense, and liberating journey.  The jogs, sprints, and dances only take you further and further along in this massive climb.  The beauty of SoulCycle is that you choose how hard you want to push yourself, and what words you want to take with you. I choose to see each class as a microcosm for life: the twists and turns, the challenges and triumphs, the conflict and compromise.  

Where SoulCycle Has Gotten Me  

For me, the start of summer means the start of a new job, a break from the classroom, and my first taste of the real world. Entering this new environment with a scattered mind, uncomfortable business clothes, and a laptop translated into overwhelming feelings of intimidation and anxiety.  By the third day, I found myself questioning my self-worth, and wondering if this new job was for me. Then, I turned to SoulCycle. In the midst of upping the resistance of my bike to replicate climbing a mountain, I realized that everything takes time, and work is a never-ending process.

I have an eagerness to make an impact and somehow change the world. Going into work, I expected to do just that. I just wanted to have conquered the climb of my new job in my first few days, while in reality, I was only at the foot of the mountain.  However, SoulCycle directed me with new intentions, which still are to break boundaries but now those boundaries are stepping stone achievements that serve as motivation to keep me excited.  

The Takeaway

SoulCycle essentially told me to replace my 0 to 100 thoughts of quitting with the mindset that transformation only happens when you put in effort. The unique class that emphasizes togetherness and love, can change your life, if you approach it with an open mind.

So, welcome to SoulCycle, where you are an athlete, a legend, and a warrior, where you are welcome to feel hard and collect inspiration, and where you are encouraged to ride and grow.  Let the bike take you places you didn't even know existed.