I’d like to consider myself a pretty active person. I love the feeling I get after I workout, knowing I’m benefiting both my body and mind. However, I get really bored of the gym, really easily. After searching for new workouts, I found SoulCycle and was so curious to see if it was actually worth the hype. And trust me, it is. 

My first ride at Soul was in August of 2015 but it wasn’t until 2016 that I started becoming obsessed. I always look forward to a class at Soul and leave feeling happier than ever. I know it sounds crazy to talk so highly of an exercise class, but here’s why.

1. The Instructors

Leading each class with such high energy and positivity, the instructors at SoulCycle constantly challenge and inspire their riders. Not only do they give you one hell of a workout, but throughout the entire 45 minutes, the instructors at Soul remind you of your self worth and prove to you that you're capable of accomplishing any goal you set your mind to.

2. The Energy

The energy given off at SoulCycle is indescribable, and I’m sure anyone who’s been can agree. At Soul, you ride in a candlelit room with positive sayings painted on the walls, such as “mantra”, “tribe”, and “community”. And although it can feel intimidating at first, there’s absolutely no judgement in the studio. Once you clip into that bike, you can let your mind and body free. 

3. The Music

Personally, music is what makes a ride for me. After every class, I become obsessed with a new song or remix I rode to. Soul also offers theme rides to specific artists and bands. My favorite ride I’ve ever done was a Rihanna vs. Eminem theme ride. I'll never forget riding to "Till I Collapse" by Eminem. During that moment, I just let my body go and completely lost myself in the music and the bike.

4. The Community

SoulCycle is most definitely a community. Whenever I go, I see familiar faces from people I’ve ridden with in other classes. Everyone at Soul is genuinely so happy to be there and so motivated. The community’s inspiration is contagious and one of the reasons I love going to class.

5. The Workout

Finally, the workout... Don’t be fooled. Even though class is only 45 minutes, every minute there your ass is kicked and your body is being pushed to limits you didn't even know existed. Even though you’re only on a bike, SoulCycle is a full body workout. By doing different moves on the bike, like tap-backs and push ups, you’re targeting different parts of your body like your butt, obliques, and abs. Between the intensity of the ride and the different moves on the bike, I always leave Soul drenched in sweat— and it feels absolutely incredible. 

If you're thinking about taking a class at SoulCycle, do it. After a year of riding, I still look forward to every ride as if it was my first. Between the combination of a killer workout, hype music, and a room full of positive energy makes SoulCycle an experience worth trying.