With health being on everyone's minds these days, people are always looking for new ways to lose weight and maintain their healthy lifestyle. With that being said, we tend to overthink simple ways to obtain that. Instead of lifting a gallon of milk or sticking our feet under the couch to do a push-up, we can just have sex.

Although this may come as a surprise to most; sex does burn calories. I mean you're moving your body and doing a lot of sweating, so what did you expect?

Think about it... did you ever feel tired or sore afterwards? Trust me, it's not because your partner 'put you to sleep.'

What Positions Should I Consider?

According to Fitness Magazine, some (not all) sex positions double as exercise for both men and women! Positions such as missionary and lotus are perfect for your core muscles; while cowgirl and lunges are great for the whole nine-yards (core, legs, butt, pelvic muscles and hips... ladies.)

If you're looking for a 'leg day' alternative, look no further. Having sex standing up will work your leg muscles (mainly your upper muscles), as well as your core and arms.

Doing it doggy-style will work a woman's upper body and shoulders, especially if she has her hands on the wall. But both guys and girls can work the core in this position.

The weakest position for burning calories is called Scissors. Yeah, you'll be working on your inner-thigh strength and stabilizing the core; but it's a lot gentler and causes slower penetration.

For you hard core extremest, Bridge is listed as a position not for the weak. Followed behind it is Arch which requires the same amount of work; but from a different angle. These positions will work your butt, biceps, triceps, abs, glutes, calves, quads and inner-thighs. Shit! 

Oh... were you expecting pictures of the positions? Nah, we're crazy, but we're not on that level!

Who Feels the Burn More?

According to the Cosmopolitan, men burn approximately 101 calories during sex; while women burn an average of 69 calories. Haha... 69. But seriously guys, this isn't a joke and I could only dream of burning that much calories in one round. -sad face-

A group of researchers decided to monitor 21 different couples. Although, the results may vary from person to person, there's one thing that seems to stand out: men are more active and are doing more work in the bedroom.

It's hard to say how many calories each sex position burns because it all depends on the person. If you're moving your body, the results will be more promising. The position and your level of activity matters. If you're trying to benefit in burning some calories you don't want one person doing all the work.

Fun Fact: To check how many calories you've possibly burned off last night; check out this pretty cool sex calculator. It tells you how many calories you've burned based on your gender, body type, position, the style and how long you lasted (it won't tell your secret.)

Be Careful!

Now that you've learned something new today, you are more than likely interested in trying it out. But please be safe. Sex is fun and all, but the consequences are not. Spoon University does care!