Think about taking a bite of your favorite dessert. It’s decadent, it’s sweet, it’s pleasurable. Face it: dessert is the next best thing to sex (maybe better, depending on who you ask). Check out your own favorite dessert to find out how you should be getting it on.

Brownie – Hot Seat

favorite dessert

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A brownie is warm and sweet. Biting into a brownie is like entering a warm embrace. This move is all about the embrace. It’s about being with your partner, feeling arms wrap around you and pull you in close. It’s a sweet, welcome touch, but there’s a little heat to it, like when you bite into a brownie fresh out of the oven.

Tiramisu – Cowgirl

favorite dessert

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Tiramisu is light and fluffy, but a little strong, thanks to the espresso. A girl on top gives her more control of the move. She’s like the espresso. Plus, tiramisu can be done in a ton of different ways, like this Pumpkin Tiramisu. Kind of like how cowgirl can be done in different ways, like reverse cowgirl.

Ice Cream – Missionary

favorite dessert

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Missionary gets a bad rep sometimes. It’s a little dull, like just getting a plain scoop of vanilla ice cream. But everybody knows that there’s so much to do with ice cream. Sometimes you go rocky road and sometimes you try the local ice cream shop’s special flavor of the month and sometimes you drown it all in hot fudge and whipped cream. There’s a lot to do with missionary and there are always ways to spice it up.

Creme Brulee – 69

favorite dessert

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The earliest known examples of the 69 position date back to the 1790s in France. Creme Brulee is typically considered a French dessert, but it’s also a two-part dessert: the caramelized sugar on top and the sweet custard underneath. It wouldn’t be creme brulee without one part or the other.

Cake – CAT

favorite dessert

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You love a bite of any and all cake, but you know you can’t do it alone – so you share it with who you’re with, just like CAT focuses on sharing the pleasure. It’s about it being as good for the guy as it is for the girl, kind of like how cake is always good for everyone. You like sharing the pleasure anyway that you can do it.

Cupcakes – Mutual Masturbation

favorite dessert

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You can’t share a cupcake, but you can share the moment when you’re both having a cupcake. You’re spending time with the person you care about and that means a lot to you. Plus, sometimes you just really don’t want to share your dessert and who can blame you? Cupcakes are delicious. Sometimes it’s okay not to share.

Milkshake – Doggy Style

favorite dessert

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Milkshakes can be smooth and sometimes that’s fun. But every now and then, you want something a little, well, rougher. Like a milkshake toppled over with tons of stuff like brownies and cereal and candy. You like it fun and you like it rough (maybe more so than others would enjoy).

Pie – Spooning

favorite dessert

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Pie is one of those desserts that just makes you feel warm and happy. It kind of feels like getting a big hug. Spooning is all about the intimacy and the warm and happy feeling you get from it. It’s not for everyone and some may argue that cake is better, but you know that it works for you and you like the comfort that comes from it.