Colors are the real deal when it comes to Pantone. If you haven’t already heard of this color conglomerate, according to their website, Pantone is “the world-renowned authority on color” when it comes to fashion, home, and design industries. 

Like every winter holiday season, Pantone has released it’s Color of The Year—and this 2017’s shade is a fresh, springy yellow-green.

Meet “Greenery"

This “zesty” shade is meant to “evoke the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore, and renew.

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), through linking us to nature, green restores calmness and enhances mental clarity.

With one semester down and New Year's Resolution #szn just behind us, I think we’re all ready for a fresh start this 2017. So, what better way to do this than by incorporating Greenery into our health resolutions?

Here are 10 easy ways to embrace Greenery and reconnect with nature this New Year.

1. Order a matcha latte

Since this article was first inspired by POPSUGAR’s tribute to matcha lattes in honor of the release of Greenery, it’s only fair to begin our resolutions with matcha, too. If you don’t already know about matcha, listen up—‘cause this stuff is good.

Basically, matcha is a highly concentrated green tea power. To put it in perspective, it has has 137 times the antioxidants of green tea. Rather than seeping regular tea leaves, matcha is consumed whole in the form of a finely milled powder.

Matcha has been all the craze lately (especially with Starbucks adding it to their menu this past spring). However, sipping this delicate, young leaf has been an century-old Japanese tradition, most notably in Japanese tea ceremonies.

green tea, cream, matcha, tea, soup
Daniela Karpenos

This miracle elixir is chalk-full of antioxidants—surpassing all your favorite super-foods like goji berries, açaí berries, pomegranate, and dark chocolate. It also contains chlorophyll, which promotes digestion and detoxifies the body.

Better yet, matcha can also help you find your zen. It contains the amino acid L-theanine, which calms your mind and boosts mental clarity.

There’s no better way to destress this 2017 than with Greenery in the form of a latte. You can even incorporate matcha powder into baking recipes, like pancakes.

2. Treat yo’ self to some avo toast

sandwich, toast, avocado
Daniela Karpenos

No doubt, 2016 was the year of the avocado—and holy guacamole did prices skyrocket! I think it’s safe to say avocado shortages shook up both the Spoon team and our readers. But, according to Business Insider, avo prices are expected to drop in the months to come—just in time for us to embrace #Greenery2017.

Not only is avocado good for the soul, but the body, too. Avocados are nutrient powerhouses, rich in heart-healthy fats and essential vitamins like K, C, E, B5 and B6.

From mashed avo topped with yolky eggs and hot sauce, to smoked salmon, to sprinkled feta cheese, your avo toast is guaranteed to be anything but basic

3. Revitalize skin and hair with an avo mask

We all know and love avocado as the MVP toast-topper. But, this super fruit also makes for the ultimate face mask base with its ability to nourish and replenish skin.

While you can find quality avocado masks from skincare brands like Queen Heline ($4.50), Aveda ($35.00), and Tony Moly by Urban Outfitters ($3), you can also whip up your own DIY mask that you can be sure only contains simple, all-natural ingredients.

All you need is half of a soft, ripe avocado. Then, it’s up to you how much or how little you decide to add. Popular combinations include honey, yogurt, bananas, or even egg whites, which work to tighten your skin. Some recipes even call for a little lemon juice or olive oil.

What’s more, avo masks don’t just work for your skin, but your hair, too. This superfood is laden with the antioxidants and essentials oils perfect for a hydrating hair mask.

4. Cool down with a cucumber eye treatment

The anti-inflammatory properties and cooling temperature of cucumbers can reduce stress and puffiness. You can also try gel cucumber eye pads ($4.99) for another sure-fire way to unwind.

Now, your dark under-eye circles won’t be the ones giving away last night's 4 am Netflix binge—that’ll be left up to your consumption of copious amounts of coffee.

5. Sip in style

Maybe your New Year's resolution is as simple as staying hydrated, a small goal that makes a big health difference. 

Personally, though, I feel like “just drink water” was the go-to health tip for literally anything and everything last year. In 2017, we can do better than that. 

Greenery-inspired water bottles, like trendy S’Well bottles or classic CamelBaks, will take your hydration to a whole different level.

But, let’s not stop there. We can take drab old water to the next, next level with a squeeze of lemon or—more characteristically of #Greenery2017—a hint of lime, cucumber, or kiwi.

I know “detox” has become such a buzzword, but adding lemon or lime to water has actually been shown to aid digestion and flush out toxins. Plus, it boosts energy and curbs cravings (and it’s just so much more refreshing than plain water).

6. Aroma therapy

Before you shut me down based on the name alone, hear me out when I say "Pistachio Brûlée" is the MVP of all Urban Outfitters' scents. Yes, you heard me. Pistachio.

The brand is Gourmand, and what started as a perfume fragrance ($18) has now expanded to candles ($14), lip balms ($6), and hand creams ($8).

If you somehow don’t end up a fan of Pistachio Brûlée, fear not because UO also sells other scents, like “The Matcha,” that won’t derail you from your Greenery inspiration.

7. Accent your fitness gear

We all know bright green isn’t exactly the shade to replace your entire wardrobe with. It’s refreshing, true, but also loud and difficult to match.

That’s why Greenery should accent our fitness wardrobe and gear. I’m talking sports bras, running shorts, Spandex, sweatbands, yoga mats, resistance bands, foam rollers, mini dumbbells.

Studies have even shown that vibrant green boosts the effects of exercise, which is just one more reason to gear up and get moving in fresh shades of Greenery this New Year.

8. Add some foliage to your crib

According to Psychology Today, the presence of indoor plants has been shown to lower blood pressure, boost focus, raise productivity, lower anxiety, and improve general wellbeing. 

Plus, little succulents and cacti make the perfect home decor, instantly elevating any living space’s vibe

9. Get creative with honeydew melon or kiwi popsicles for radiant skin

You can combine the honeydew melon with berries, coconut, or lime for an extra kick. All you need is a bomb smoothie recipe and plastic popsicle molds, which you can find at Ikea for $1.99.

Honeydew melon is definitely among the most underrated fruits. This sweet, refreshing fruit is rich in Vitamin C, copper, and B vitamins—all of which promote healthy skin and immense system functioning.

Not a fan of honeydew? Try a chia-kiwi combo instead. This small, tangy fruit will have you wishing it was summertime—and glowing like it is. Kiwi is loaded with nutrients like vitamin C, which helps keep your skin vibrant and clear, along with potassium, vitamin E, and folate.

10. Do the obvious: invest in cute Pantone products

You don’t need to be repainting your house to shop at Pantone. Little did you know, Pantone offers a wide assortment of products like coffee mugs, to-go thermo cups, USB ports, sketchbooks, and even iPhone cases. Each product puts a cute spin on the classic paint swatches they sell.

But, you all can’t go wrong with finding Greenery-shaded mugs elsewhere. Add a rustic vibe to your mornings with mellow shades of grassy green. 2017 should be the year of reconnecting with nature

From masks to matcha to mugs, the options are endless for Greenery-inspired resolutions. So, Spooniverse, what’s your #Greenery2017 going to be like?