When your stress level is flying through the roof and your routine is dragging you down, it's time to take a mental health day for yourself.

Making time to experience life outside of school and work is important for your own mental health. No matter where you are, there is a place to unwind. Check out the best place to relax in each state!

1. Alabama: Birmingham Botanical Gardens

When you need a break in Alabama, check out the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. The beauty of the flowers and the fresh air will help clear your mind. You can even take a tour or an exercise class while you're there!

2. Alaska: Talkeetna

This quaint Alaskan village only has a population of 876, but offers tons of activities. Grab a coffee or a locally brewed beer to relax, but if you're feeling adventurous, hop on a jet or a biplane for more of a thrill.

3. Arizona: Grand Canyon North Rim

Leave your worries at home and take in the breathtaking views from The Grand Canyon North Rim. This part of the canyon offers mule rides to the top and lodging. The North Rim is quite a hike, but the views are definitely worth the climb.

4. Arkansas: Little Rock River Market

Sneak away from the office to the Little Rock River Market for some shopping, great food, live music and relaxation. There is no better way to spend a mental health day than to catch up with friends in a place like the Little Rock River Market.

5. California: East Jesus

This off the grid assemblage of mixed media art will quickly take your mind off of everyday life. This display is meant bring inspiration and foster creativity to its visitors; you might go back to work with better ideas than ever!

6. Colorado: Conundrum Hot Springs

Conundrum Hot Spring is free and open to the public. The springs are 5 miles outside of town, plus an 8.5 mile hike. Don't let the distance scare you, taking a dip in the natural hot springs is guaranteed to melt away any stress you brought with you.

7. Connecticut: North Meadows

North Meadows is home to Riverside park. Riverside Park offers running trails, boat launches, adventure courses and artwork. Spending the day here will never be boring and with the town nearby, it is perfect to grab a bite to eat after your day outdoors.

8. Delaware: C.R Hummingbird to Mars

When you enter this 1920's speakeasy themed bar, you leave the era completely.

There is no street access to Hummingbird to Mars; visitors must press a buzzer on 16th street to call the bar and the owner will grant the access. Visiting this speakeasy will help you forget all of your 21st century problems.

9. Florida: Pine Island, Matlacha

Just like the sign says, Matlacha runs on island time. This artist paradise region of Pine Island will win you over with its bohemian charm. Its unique shops, galleries, seafood markets and restaurants are a great way to unwind on your next mental health day.

10. Georgia: Georgia Aquarium

Beat the Georgia heat and visit the Georgia Aquarium to clear your head. It is the largest aquarium in the Western Hemisphere, so you will never run out of animals and sea life to experience. 

11. Hawaii: Haleiwa

This historic surf town is located on the North Short of Oahu. Along with the good vibes Haleiwa offers a local style and country ambiance. Taking your mental health day on this social and artistic hub is the perfect way hang loose.

12. Idaho: Sun Valley

Take a day off to shred the gnar with your friends and family in Sun Valley, Idaho. If you're not seeking an adrenaline fix, Sun Valley also offers relaxation packages, so next time you're in Idaho, check it out.

13. Illinois: Starved Rock State Park

After winding your car through towering trees, you will be taken back by the amazing, active waterfalls. Starved Rock State Park offers 13 miles of trails, boating, extraordinary views and places to relax. Unleash your inner outdoorsman and head to Starved Rock State Park.

14. Indiana: Cataract Falls

Visit Cataract Falls for breathtaking views of the largest waterfall in Indiana. Watching the water flow off the cliff and into the downstream is an ultimate way to relax. 

15. Iowa: The Amana Colonies

These colonies have been a landmark on the Iowa prairies for over 150 years. The Amana Colonies offer visitors the opportunity to step out of today's busy pace and enjoy handcrafted foods and beverages

16. Kansas: The Starlight Theater

To leave your day-to-day life behind for an evening, catch a show at The Starlight Theater. This is one of the few remaining self-producing outdoor theaters, so it is the best way to appreciate the outdoors and the arts all at once. 

17. Kentucky: Louisville Mega Cavern

This is the perfect mental health day location for every thrill seeker in Kentucky. Hit the bike park, ride on a zip line or hop on a tram for a tour of this abandoned mining cavern. Flying through the Louisville Mega Cavern is the ultimate way to have some fun on your mental health day.

18. Louisiana: Blaine Kern's Mardi Gras World

Get an inside look at the behind the scenes of one of America's biggest parties. Blaine Kern's Mardi Gras World tours will teach you the history behind Mardi Gras and the process of building the floats.

19. Maine: Seawall Beach

Seawall Beach is one of the lesser known spots in Maine, but the secret is part of the appeal. This almost barren stretch of shore is the best way to relax. Although there is a bit of a hike to get to the beach, the views and serenity are well worth it.

20. Maryland: Assateague Island

In Maryland, Assateague Island is the best way to get up close and personal with nature. The island has beaches as well as guided programs and camping. Take a break and let the salty air do its thing.

21. Massachusetts: The Sandwich Boardwalk

Nature lovers and beach goers alike use the Sandwich Boardwalk to spend their mental health days. Built over low dunes, the walk winds through the beaches and overlooks the bay. 

22. Michigan: Belle Isle Park

Belle Isle Park serves as a kind of nature oasis right outside of urban Detroit. The park has an aquarium, nature zoo, conservatory and a Great Lakes museum. 

23. Minnesota: Grand Marais

This small town is squeezed in between Lake Superior and The Sawtooth Mountains; the beautiful scenery makes it easy to be inspired. Between the nature and the artistic flair, Grand Marais is the perfect place to sip a cappuccino and let your creative side run wild.

24. Mississippi: Mississippi Petrified Forest

A walk through the Mississippi Petrified Forest will take you back in time. Visiting the forest is a magical way to spend your mental health day.

25. Missouri: City Museum

This museum is "where imagination runs wild". It is constructed from parts of the city like building materials and old airplanes. A combination of a playhouse, a museum and Marvel is a great place to be a kid for the day. 

26. Montana: Garden of One Thousand Buddhas

The purpose of this spectacular garden is to promote spirituality throughout the Western world. Although the garden has Buddhist roots, there are events that are open to the public.

The Garden of One Thousand Buddhas is a place for people of all religions and backgrounds to find their peace.

27. Nebraska: Carhenge

A replica of Stonehenge in England, Carhenge has a similar stacked, circular formation. A visit to Carhenge is a little bit of world culture right in the plains of Nebraska. 

28. Nevada: The Neon Boneyard

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but what happened in Vegas ends up in The Neon Boneyard. Each of the 200 signs in the collection has its own story and a tour of the collection gives visitors and insight into Nevada's history. 

29. New Hampshire: Cannon Mountain Aerial Trailway

A ride in a cable car gives you access to spectacular 360 degree views of the mountains of four states and Canada. At the summit, visitors can find an observation deck, bar, cafe and restrooms. See all the beautiful sights Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway has to offer on your day off.

30. New Jersey: Atlantic City

Atlantic City is one of the biggest hotspots at the Jersey Shore. Hit the boards to find casinos, bars, restaurants and shows. 

31. New Mexico: Ghost Ranch

A day trip to Ghost Ranch is an experience that should not be passed up. Visitors can hop on horseback for a trail ride or take a hike through the natural and cultural region. Guests who want to ignore the outdoors can visit the anthropology and paleontology museum on the grounds.

32. New York: The High Line

In the middle of the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, The High Line is piece of nature. This public park is built on an elevated historic rail line in West Manhattan. New Yorkers use the park to jog or walk and relax high above the NYC streets.

33. North Carolina: Grand Father Mountain

"Wonders Never Cease", a fitting slogan for this magnificent mountain. One of the biggest attractions is the Mile High Swinging Bridge, but it is not for the faint of heart. America's highest swinging bridge will release your endorphins and give you a thrill of a lifetime.

34. North Dakota: The Plains Art Museum

The Plains Art Museum is a marriage of traditional American folk ark and traditional American Indian Art. The collection features the work of artists like Andy Warhol and Salvador Dalí. A stroll through the museum will give you a window into both American and American Indian history and culture. 

35. Ohio: Short North Arts District

Home to visual, preforming, musical arts, the Short North Arts District is a pioneer in urban revitalization. The area is a rejuvenated rough section of the city, but now it is full of life and creativity. Grabbing a bite to eat and embracing the arts is an excellent way to spend your mental health day.

36. Oklahoma: The Womb Gallery

The work of The Flaming Lips front man, Wayne Coyne, The Womb Gallery calls itself an "experience". The experience is complete with interactive and 3-D displays.

The grand murals and works inside will be sure to spark your creative juices and jump start your newest project when you return to work.

37. Oregon: Trillium Lake

Popular for fishing, camping and photography, this Oregon beauty is one of the most relaxing places to spend a mental health day. The floating dock makes it perfect for swimming and fishing on a hot summer day. 

38. Pennsylvania: Spruce Street Harbor Park

This park is wedged between Center City, Philadelphia and The Delaware River. Spruce Street Harbor Park is one of my favorite places to spend the day. Food trucks line the park and the hammocks are the best place to kick back. 

39. Rhode Island: Block Island

With 17 miles of beaches and over 50 shoppes, Block Island is an alluring destination. Although there are plenty of opportunities for kayaking, snorkeling and parasailing, locals recommend sitting back and doing absolutely nothing.

40. South Carolina: Caesar's Head State Park

Rocky peaks, hiking trails and Raven Cliff Falls make Caesar's Head State Park a nature lover's dream. The views and fresh air make it a must-see for every South Carolinian in need of some wide open spaces. A change in altitude is the best way to find a change in attitude.

41. South Dakota: Lewis and Clark Recreation Center

This recreation area, marina and resort has every outdoor activity you could ever imagine. With over 10 miles of trails and the marina nearby, visitors are never bored. The Lewis and Clark Recreation Center is the ultimate place to soak up some sun and enjoy the great outdoors.

42. Tennessee: Great Smoky Mountains State Park

These views are some of the best breathtaking views in America, let alone in Tennessee. Beyond its beauty, this park is known for its diversity of plant and animal life. Visitors can have experiences here like they can have nowhere else.

43. Texas: San Antonio River Walk

This urban waterway is a world wide destination. Visitors from near and far come to ride a water taxi, see a show and support local artisans. This colorful section of San Antonio is a refreshing spot to check out on your mental health day.

44. Utah: Zion National Park

Zion is Utah's first National Park, but its charm hasn't come close to running out. The trails at Zion were traveled by pioneers and natives. Visitors traveling to Zion will absorb the exciting history of the past and enjoy the activities it has to offer.

45. Vermont: Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory Tour

The Ben and Jerry's Factory is one of the happiest places in Vermont, so no wonder it is one the the best places to spend your mental health day. Getting the inside scoop of how ice cream, might give you a better appreciation for your favorite pint.

Plus, can you think of any better way to fight stress than a double scoop of mint chocolate chip?

46. Virginia: Colonial Williamsburg

Leave modern day worries behind and step into The Revolutionary War Era of American History. Spending the day in Colonial Williamsburg will teach you about the beginning of our country and relax 18th century style. Williamsburg offers tours, re-enactments, eateries and performances.

47. Washington: The Seattle Center

Nestled beneath the Space Needle, the Seattle Center has plenty of activities to offer. The center has skate parks, theater commons, shops and dining. This destination in downtown Seattle allows visitors big and small to have a blast.

48. West Virginia: Palace of Gold

This sight seems to be fit for a king and out of place in the middle of West Virginia. The gardens, architecture and natural beauty can bring anybody zen. The Palace of Gold is rated as one of the eight religious wonders to see in the United States by CNN and bring in tons of visitors each year.

49. Wisconsin: Door County

Beaches, parks, farms and outdoor adventure courses are what bring people from all over Wisconsin to Door County. The incredible views surrounding the county, as well as the blues skies and fresh air, bring serenity to everyone who visits.

50. Wyoming: Killpecker Sand Dunes

This unforgettable landscape is made up of enormous soft dunes for visitors to explore on foot or on ATV. Other visitors slide down the slopes on sleds, play beach volleyball, or look for rare desert elk. Don't forget to stay for the sunset to close out the ideal mental health day.

Soak up the sun, learn something new, or gain a new perspective the next time you need a break from reality. Taking time to relax and recharge will leave you more  positive and more productive than ever. Adventure is everywhere, don't be afraid to find it.