There's no denying that England is an elegant country. While the accents definitely contribute to that notion, so do the historic moments. The Beatles, Shakespeare, and Stonehenge are only some of England's great glories, but there is more to this country than just music and monuments. 

From cheap eats to fine dining, England has some of the most decadent foods within the United Kingdom. Whether you want British, Asian, or Italian, these are the 25 places that you need to eat at before you die. And yes, fish and chips is on the menu.

1. The Farndon Boathouse—Newark

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Located on the banks of River Trent, Farndon Boathouse makes for a relaxing meal. Each dish is homemade and reasonably priced, but you must try one (or all five) of their traditional roast dinners

2. The Ledbury—London

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As a London favorite, the Ledbury is unique because it offers two different tasting menus, one of which is vegetarian. For this menu, the price is 110 pounds per person (about 142 US dollars). Yes, it's a lot, but it's so worth it.

3. Mi and Pho—Manchester

If you're looking for authentic Vietnamese food, this is your place. As the name suggests, pho (noodle soup) is one of the restaurant's specialties and it's not hard to see why. But if you're in dire need of pho, you can make your own with this recipe.

4. Lox and Caper—Liverpool

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Breakfast and sandwiches are what Lox & Caper are all about. But what's even better is that their entire menu is under 10 pounds. Now that's what I call luxurious cheap eating.

5. Crumbs Cupcakery—York

Cupcakes, cakes, and giant cupcakes...oh my! But what classifies as a giant cupcake? At Crumbs Cupcakery, they stand to be 20 cm tall. I hope you're appetite is big because you're going to need it (and maybe several friends) to demolish this sweet treat.

6. Maitreya Social—Bristol

For all you meat-lovers, don't let this veggie and vegan restaurant turn you away, because Maitreya Social is serving up a lot more than just salads. From breakfast to dinner, it's fine dining for a reasonable price.

7. Wrapchic—Birmingham

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Indian food + Mexican food = Wrapchic. This place is taking burritos, bowls, and nachos to a new level by infusing them with Indian spices and flavors.

8. Gymkhana—London

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Inspired by Colonial Indian gymkhana clubs (sports clubs), this restaurant serves both classic and contemporary Indian cuisine. If you're unsure of what to order, this Indian restaurant guide will help you decide what's the best of the best.

9. Cafe Two Ten—Leicester

If you want a traditional British breakfast, come to Cafe Two Ten. One can never go wrong with the English breakfast, which comes with an egg, sausage, bacon, hash browns, beans, and toast.

10. The Rockstone—Southhampton

The Rockstone is a pub that's not only located within the heart of Southampton, but also in the hearts of its customers. These burgers are extravagant and loaded with toppings, weighing in at about 11 ounces each. And that's why they're a big deal.

11. Tamatanga—Nottingham

You may have noticed that England is full of noteworthy Indian restaurants, but Tamatanga is unlike any other. Not only is it an independent restaurant but every meal is prepared from scratch. 

12. Yorkshire Fisheries—Blackpool

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You can't come to the UK without having fish and chips, especially at Yorkshire Fisheries. As the oldest chip shop in Blackpool, this place is the best of the best. For those of you who don't fancy fish, they have a whole section on their menu dedicated to you.

13. The Oak Bistro—Cambridge

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Offering classic modern British-European dishes, the Oak Bistro is serving food as elegant as its environment. Before you indulge in a main entree, be sure to choose from one of the many starters, such as the pan fried scallops. But if you want to dine in, this scallop recipe will do just the trick.

14. The Hummingbird Bakery—London

The Hummingbird Bakery is famous for their Red Velvet, but the Rainbow Cake is a showstopper. However, if you're not into cake and still want the vibrant colors, these rainbow bagels are just as magical.

15. Mannion & Co Kitchen—York

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Located in the historic streets of York, Mannion & Co is cooking up French and Italian-style food as well as freshly baked bread. If you're looking for a relaxed atmosphere with classy dishes, this is the spot.

16. Noodle Doodle Chinese Restaurant—Sheffield

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Malaysian food is not your typical cuisine in England, but it sure is damn good. With over 300 dishes, Noodle Doodle is as authentic as they come. If you're a virgin to Malaysian food, here's a guide that will tell you what you need in life.

17. Miller & Carter Steakhouse—Newcastle upon Tyne

Whether it's off the bone or on the bone, this steakhouse knows how to prepare the best meats. And let's not forget about the parsley butter served on top. Now that's heaven.

18. Sula's Greek Taverna—Southampton

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Sula's is bringing the flavors of Greece to Southampton with a twist. While burgers and salads are an option, the gyros are a definite must-have here. Lathered in tzatziki and topped with seasoned chips (fries), this makes for the perfect lunch.

19. Choccywoccydoodah—Brighton

From milkshakes to cakes and fondue, Choccywoccydoodah has everything a chocolate lover could dream of. If you're looking for a sugar rush, this place is guaranteed to give you one as well as a unique dining experience.

20. Grosvenor Fish Bar—Norwich

While fish and chips are a staple here, the chips alone are delicious. Especially when doused in one of the various toppings, such as curry (pictured above), peas, cheese, or beans. And a huge plus is that Grosvenor's is cheap!

21. Simpson's Restaurant—Birmingham

Each dish at Simpsons is plated to perfection. Initially, you won't want to dig in, but of course you'll eat it because it looks divine. Just make sure you squeeze in some room for a dessert or two.

22. Roots and Fruits—Leeds

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This vegetarian and vegan cafe in Leeds is a must-try, even if you're not a veg. From puddings to sandwiches, Roots and Fruits makes healthy meals that are far from bland and grassy tasting.

23. Richmond Tea Rooms—Manchester

In the heart of Manchester, this tea room is great to socialize and munch on little goodies. From sandwiches to scones and cakes, nothing can be better than an array of various teas. Now that's what I call a perfect Sunday brunch. 

24. Primrose Cafe—Bristol

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With the menu changing with the seasons, this cafe guarantees that you receive the freshest ingredients. Breakfast and lunch can brighten up your day, but the cakes will make your week. 

25. Cocoa Wonderland—Sheffield

With winter nearing, you'll want to stay warm with one of Cocoa's hot chocolate concoctions. But in the meantime, their autumn special drinks will do just the trick. And whether you want dark, milk, or white chocolate, you'll be satisfied with one bite.