Whether you are from the 860 or the 203, one thing’s for sure, your Connecticut pride runs deep. And why shouldn’t it? For a small state, we’ve got a lot to be proud of. We’ve given the world lots of famous people ranging from George W. Bush to Meg Ryan. Plus, we invented the color TV and the frisbee which means college life would not be the same without the good ol’ Nutmeg State.

But the best thing that Connecticut has given you is, of course, food. We put together a list of all the tastiest contributions from the best state in USA.

1. The Hamburger


Photo by Lawrence Yu

This is one major source of pride for us Connecticutters. Legend has it that in 1900, Louis Lassen invented the hamburger at his New Haven restaurant because a customer wanted something that was both “quick and delicious.” Thank goodness people from CT are so damn smart.

Louis’ Lunch is still open for business which means you can actually eat a burger at the spot where they were invented.

2. Subway


Photo courtesy of subway.com

No one eats fresher than Connecticut. That’s right, this super popular sandwich chain originated in Bridgeport, CT in 1965. The kid who opened up shop was a 17-year-old who was looking for a way to pay for medical school and college. He never became a doctor, that’s for sure, but millions of people worldwide enjoy his sandwiches. In fact, Subway is the largest fast food chain in the world.

3. Hot Lobster Rolls


Photo by Christin Orso

There is some debate over whether Connecticut, Maine, or Massachusetts invented the actual lobster roll but according to the Encyclopedia of Food and Drink, Milford, CT is the birthplace of the lobster roll. However, although there is no definitive proof about where the actual lobster roll was invented, one thing is for sure: Connecticut invented the *hot* lobster roll. Honestly, who needs cold lobster rolls anyway?

There is nothing better than a hot lobster roll drenched in melted butter. Next time you see a friend from CT, give them a big thank you for this one.

4. Yumnuts


Photo courtesy of yumnuts.com

The country is nuts for Yumnuts, a health food brand whose healthy nut products can be found everywhere from Walmart to Wegman’s. They sell simple and natural cashews that make for a great healthy snack. And, no surprise, their founder is CT born and raised.

Confused about what nuts you should be eating? Check out this handy guide to all things nutty.

5. Apizza


Photo courtesy of pepespizzeria.com

Even if you didn’t know what it was called, you’ve definitely had apizza. Also known as New Haven-style pizza, it has a thin crust and is typically cooked in a coal-fired oven. This delicious take on a classic was invented by Frank Pepe in 1925 and Pepe’s white clam pie has gained extreme fame. Trust me, you haven’t lived until you have tried Pepe’s pizza.

Don’t believe me? The Daily Meal named Frank Pepe’s white clam pie the best pizza in the US.

6. Pepperidge Farm


Photo courtesy of @pepperidgefarm on Instagram

That’s right, the company that brings you crowd pleasers like Goldfish and Milanos originated in Fairfield, CT during the Great Depression by a woman named Margaret Rudkin who needed to make food for her son who had severe allergies to most commercially-produced products.

She became one of the greatest business leaders of her time and in 1961, she sold her business to Campell’s Soup. Next time you dig into some Pepperidge Farm cookies or crackers, give thanks to Margaret Rudkin and Connecticut.

7. Lollipops


Photo by Katherine Richter

What would have inspired Lil Wayne if lollipops hadn’t been invented in CT? Yup, those sugary treats on a stick were invented in New Haven in the early 20 century when a chocolate maker realized that putting chocolate on a stick made it easier to eat. A man named George Smith liked the idea and applied it to the hard candies that he and his partner, Andrew Bradley, made at the Bradley Smith Company.

Smith came up with the name lollipop because his favorite race horse was named Lolly Pop. Inspiration is everywhere, kids.

8. Bear Naked


Photo courtesy of @livebearnaked on Instagram

In 2002, Kelly Flatley and Brendan Synnott took advantage of the growing consumer trend towards health foods and decided to introduce their homemade nutty granola to the market. At first, they were only successful in CT, but now their brand reaches hundreds of thousands of stores.

They were even bought by Kellogg in 2007 for millions of dollars. Just another example of the brilliant minds that come out of Connecticut.

9. Edible Arrangements


Photo courtesy of blog.ediblearrangements.com

In 1999, Tariq Farid combined his two passions: fruit and flowers, and opened the first Edible Arrangements store in East Haven, CT. Thank goodness he did because where would we be if we couldn’t give our family and friends exquisitely arranged fruits to mark every special occasion? The answer is nowhere. We would be nowhere

The world is unarguably better with Edible Arrangements in it and we have Mr. Farid and Connecticut to thank for that.

As you can see, your life would be exponentially worse if Connecticut hadn’t #blessed you with these inventions. All we can say is: you’re welcome.