We've heard it all before, the "I don't have time to work out" excuse. Between classes, homework, clubs and your social life, how are you supposed to squeeze even a quick workout into your busy day? Although it may seem secondary to all other aspects of your life, working out allows you to perform your best in school and in all of your activities. These quick workouts can be done while multitasking, so you will have no excuse but to do them. 

The Morning Moves

Waking up before class can be a struggle, but the only way to wake your body up is to get moving. For every minute extra that you stay in bed after your alarm goes off, do one sit-up. Try doing lunges on your way to the bathroom. On your way to class, walk briskly and don't be afraid to take the longer route if you have time. These quick workouts are a fool-proof method to wake up your mind and body while motivating you to "seize the day." 

The Two-Minute-Tooth-Brushing Leg Workout

You brush your teeth twice a day for one to two minutes at a time, so why not make the most of it? Instead of just standing there, do some squats or time yourself for two minutes while doing a wall sit and simultaneously brush your teeth. Do that twice a day and you're bound to see some noticeable results. 

The Academic Abs and Glutes

Gabby Phi

Planks, mountain-climbers, and leg lifts are all effective, quick workouts, but staring at the floor the whole time can definitely get boring, not to mention, time-consuming.

Worried that you're putting off your schoolwork by working out? Bringing a study guide with you to the gym or even pulling up your homework on your phone could save you some time. Instead of staring at the ground, study!

The Watch and Burn

Rebecca Block

Addicted to a new show on Netflix? Instead of sitting in bed, binge-watching "Shameless" on your laptop and eating snacks, download a mobile streaming app on your phone and watch it wherever (a.k.a. the gym). If cardio gives you the blues, watching your favorite show can make it a lot more enjoyable and make the time fly by. Before you know it, you've watched a full 40-minute episode! 

Speedy Staircases

Erin Thomas

Next time you find yourself faced with the choice to take an elevator or to take the stairs, do yourself a favor and take the stairs. On the way up to your dorm room or classroom, challenge yourself and pick up the pace. Climbing up and down stairs is a quick workout that you can easily squeeze into your daily routine.

Push-Ups in the PM

Lexi Nickens

If you can't do a push-up, you're not alone, but the only way that you can get there is through practice. Start gradually by leaning against an elevated surface and letting gravity do some of the work. Eventually, you will be able to do regular push-ups on your own. Push-ups are a great way to tone your arms and core. Incorporating them into your nightly routine could make a big difference over time. 

With our busy schedules, we often prioritize schoolwork and socializing before working out. These quick workouts will not take up much extra time out of your day, so why not give them a try?