Meditation is a necessary-to-everyone practice that most people see as an unachievable goal. It is basically the only way we have to control our minds, instead of letting our minds control us. It makes you earn emotional strength and be aware of your own thoughts. 

Some people say that their form of meditation is cooking, reading, walking, or watching a movie. All those things are great and definitely necessary for one to be able to relax and enjoy free time. I used to think the same, that counted as meditation. But there are many scientific proofs that say that really focusing on meditating has a different effect in our brains.

Sitting or laying down comfortably, closing your eyes and deeply focusing on your breathing, trying to calm the mind and take it to a beautiful and relaxing visualization can have very powerful results. You don't need to be surrounded by candles or on an island by yourself to do this. 

It can take time for someone to feel really comfortable and relaxed through meditation. It's not something that you will learn from one day to another. 

Remember the most important thing: it doesn't matter if your posture is impeccable or if you're not in the perfectly settled environment. You can meditate whenever and almost wherever you want. It is a practice that's purely dedicated to connecting your mind and soul, to find peace when you are going through hard times, to be able to reduce stress, control and modify what comes and goes through your precious mind. 

1. Sit Or Lay Down Comfortably 

Sit or lay down comfortably. Try to start with a short amount of  time (like 5 minutes) and set yourself a goal. The best thing would be to do it every day at a similar time so your body starts getting used to it, and you begin to feel the benefits. If you learn how to relax and incorporate the nice vibe, you will be able to manage stressful situations differently. 

2. Connect With Your Inner Self

Try to relax and connect with your feelings, ask yourself how you are doing, do a mental check up of your emotions and attitudes towards life. Be kind and open minded, nourish your mind with happy thoughts, forgive yourself and others. Don't underestimate the power of a positive mind. 

3. Breath

Focus on your breathing, this makes a world of difference. Take deep long breaths for your whole body to relax (think of exhaling the bad and inhaling the good with new fresh air).

4. Fly Away

Take yourself to a beautiful scenery, walk around a tropical beach, enjoy a sunset, play with animals in the woods (if you are lacking imagination, just google some beautiful places for motivation). Focus on being aware, remember this is the little special time you are dedicating to your mental wellness.

5. Be Present

If your mind comes and goes, let it be. Wandering is normal, don't force yourself, but always try to gently come back to the practice— the breathing and your visualization. It is very important for you to be present, this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure. Life is right here, right now.

I personally recommend starting with guided meditations, as they are very useful if you can't sit still. You can find them on YouTube and Spotify. Also, guided meditation groups could be cool to try. I tried it once and it was an interesting experience; you get to feel the group's good vibes and energy, and the company also feels nice.

I hope you can discover the benefits of meditation and be happier, calmer, and more in control of your emotions. Remember this will also help you develop your patience. It's not a race, it's a beautiful journey.