A lot of times, the snooze button seems like the best choice when your alarm goes off for that early morning wakeup call. The last thing a lot of us want to do is exercise right when we get out of bed. However, you might want to think twice about starting your day with some morning workouts as they have been proven to shape your day into a more proactive, healthier lifestyle.


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There have been numerous benefits linked to bright and early workouts. Morning workouts can increase your likelihood of eating healthier foods the rest of the day since you already started your day off right.

When you start your day with a good choice for your body, you tend to want to stick to the healthy pattern throughout the rest of the day, so as to not backtrack on the calories and fat you burned during when you ignored snooze and worked out.


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Also, as exercise decreases the amount of stress which tends to build up in your body whether from work, school or any life situations, a workout in the morning tends to give people the feeling of empowerment as they already achieved something tough that morning rather than stress about their busy schedule.

Looking to try and burn more fat throughout the day? Working out in the morning will increase your metabolism for the day, which helps your body break down and burn more fat when you exercise as well as afterwards too. This will also help your body burn more calories throughout the day as your metabolism was given a boost from your morning workout.

There are awesome reasons as why working out in the morning increases your overall energy, positive glow and productivity throughout the rest of the day. Here are some tips if you need help getting started on those early morning workouts.


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Furthermore, your morning workouts don’t necessarily have to be long if you don’t have much time, even five minutes can help you feel ready for your day and help burn more calories throughout the day.

Exercises such as jumping jacks, planks, push-ups, squats are all great, do a couple reps of each or a short tabata set incorporating your favorite exercises for 10-15 minutes and you will feel much better than if you hit snooze. People will be in the gym for hours, because they think the longer the better, but really cutting your gym time in half, can help you see better results.

Also, for more innovative morning exercises check out these quick morning exercises, where you can learn how to properly do moves such as the power push-up, side lunge and bow, and sumo squat to side lunge.


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If you have time for a morning power walk or jog, that’s a great way to get cardio in before it’s too hot or busy on the roads. At first, this will be challenging – getting out of bed sometimes feels impossible, especially if you aren’t necessarily looking forward to your day.

However, by adding exercise right when you get up, it can brighten not only your mood, but give you more energy than if you sleep for five extra minutes. It is something your body will have to get use to and it won’t be easy right away but it will be worth it for a better, more enjoyable lifestyle.