It’s reading week. Maybe you’ve been paying attention all semester long. Maybe not. In either case, you hunker down in the library in search of the elusive A, leaving only to eat meals (if that). But going without exercise for a week straight is not the answer. The answer is 10-minute workouts.

If you can’t spare an hour to go to the gym, don’t worry: there are plenty of workouts you can do right in your dorm room, or even the stacks of the library. We’ve put together a list to help you clear your mind without losing too much time.

Run outside


Photo by Kelseagh Budris

It’s May. The sun has finally come back out. Get your butt out of your chair and go for a run around the block a few times. All you need is a pair of running shoes – no treadmill required.

10-minute workout videos


Photo by Anya Barrel

Don’t be deterred by the instructors’ scarily over-eager expressions; many of these videos actually provide a great opportunity for raising your heart rate and moving around muscles neglected by hours in the library. POPSUGAR Fitness has several quick videos. Get ready for your dorm room to sound like a Spice Girls music video.

Dance around your room


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This is not a joke. If you don’t like to run, or do sit-ups, or follow loud instructors, put on your favorite playlist and turn your dorm room the f*ck up. Not only will you get in some quality cardio, you’ll probably feel like a popstar afterward.

10-minute yoga videos


Photo by Kate Spitler

YouTube overflows with yoga videos. One of the most popular channels, Yoga With Adriene, has hundreds of videos, with the shortest clocking in at 8 minutes and the longest at almost an hour. For your reading week needs, Adriene has this 10 minute-long video specifically targeting focus and productivity.

My personal favorite


GIF by Gabby Phi

When an oven door fell on my foot earlier this year (not a joke), I couldn’t do any workouts that involved standing up. Instead, I strung together a series of strengthening exercises to target every area of my body that I could. It’s very flexible:

I know what you’re thinking: WTF does butt work mean? The above GIF should shed some light. You might look like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant, but I promise your glutes will feel like they’re the ones on fire.