The Spoon Choice Awards celebrate eateries in college towns for providing the most delicious food and inviting environments to students in the area. All of the winners are chosen by college students at universities around the country.

Sushi is made to be shared — that's probably why so many college students are obsessed with going out for sushi on the weekends or as a fun break during the week. Raw fish, wasabi, and rice all wrapped together in nori is so delicious that most college students find themselves being swept away to try it for the first time if they haven’t already. Unique flavors meld together to form a bite you’ll remember and probably return to. Plus, if you have allergies, there will still be something you can order, such as an avocado cucumber roll or vegetarian sushi bowl. 

Apart from the food, students flock to sushi restaurants because of the relaxing and bright atmosphere they provide. If you’re going on a first date, sushi is both upscale and adventurous, so it’s a great option. Or, if you want to go on a fun group date but nobody can decide where to go, sushi is the solution. For all these reasons and more, sushi restaurants have earned their place in college culture. 

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Design by Spoon University

Nordic Fish, Fairfield, CT

With a variety of sushi platters to choose from, Nordic Fish is a great spot for group gatherings. Its quality sushi can also be ordered in smaller quantities, and it has rolls with cooked fish for anyone who doesn't like their sushi raw. It also offers poke bowls, which you can customize completely or choose off the menu.

Nominated by Fairfield University

Fish Market Sushi Bar, Allston, MA

Fish Market Sushi Bar has an incredibly wide selection of sushi and other foods to choose from — handrolls, sashimi, sushi salads, maki, miso soup, noodle dishes, and so much more. If you usually have a hard time deciding what to order at a restaurant, the menu at Fish Market Sushi Bar will not help you, but the staff definitely will.

Nominated by Boston University

Genki Ya, Boston, MA

If you love a restaurant with a cute aesthetic so that you can snap photos of your food, Genki Ya is the sushi place for you. Its beautifully-crafted, organic sushi rolls and platters aren't terribly expensive considering the high quality. If you order a lunch special, you get your sushi, miso soup, salad, rice, and fruit all for around $14 — talk about bang for your buck.

Nominated by Boston University

Sushi Kappo, Boston, MA

Photo by Sushi Kappo

If normal sushi rolls aren't enough for you, at Sushi Kappo, you can order a sushi burrito. With fresh ingredients you can taste, and everything from poke bowls to inside out rolls, your sushi cravings will surely be satisfied.

Nominated by Emerson College

Symphony Sushi, Boston, MA

Symphony Sushi strives to provide excellent service and superb sushi. Its plates are fresh, beautiful, and flavorful, and the menu has all the beloved classics as well as innovative dishes you won't find anywhere else.

Nominated by Northeastern College

Aki Sushi and Hibachi, Brunswick, ME

There's nothing like having a sushi spot within walkable distance of campus — it's like you have no choice but to go! Aki Sushi and Hibachi offers a variety of other entrees aside from sushi, the possibilities are endless here. 

Nominated by Bowdoin College

Palace of Japan, Bronx, NY

You can never have too many rolls at Palace of Japan. It makes ordering its delicious food easier by offering the palace or sushi lunch box and dinner bento box, both of which come with a surplus of teriyaki and sushi options. 

Nominated by Manhattan College

Umami Sushi & Bar, Centereach, NY

At Umami Sushi & Bar, you can eat your sushi and have a drink to go with it. The ingredients are shipped from Japan daily so that every roll can be as fresh and high quality as possible. From sushi and sashimi to soups and salads, it might be hard to decide what you're in the mood for.

Nominated by Stony Brook University

Yummy Sushi, Ewing, NJ

This family-owned and operated restaurant lives up to the title. Some favorites off the menu include the Golden Dragon (spicy and crunchy crab roll topped with salmon and avocado), the Dancing Dragon (shrimp tempura with avocado inside topped with eel, more avocado, and sauce), and the Spicy Blazing (spicy and crunchy salmon roll topped with yellowtail, jalapeño, and chili sauce). There are vegetarian and gluten-free options as well.

Nominated by The College of New Jersey

Design by Spoon University

KoFusion, Champaign, IL

KoFusion offers both award-winning cuisine and a lovely dining room to enjoy it in. The specialty roll is called the Big Roll, which is a tempura fried roll with crab, tamago, avocado, cream cheese, spicy mayo, and unagi sauce. If you love spicy sushi, KoFusion also has the Hot Mama, which has spicy yellowtail, salmon, spicy tuna, asparagus, and spicy crab.

Nominated by University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Nori Sushi, Chicago, IL

Nori Sushi transforms local ingredients into gorgeous, colorful sushi, sashimi, and Maki. You can also order the hot noodles or rice bowls, or if you have a hard time with the menu, a bento box. Lastly, Nori Sushi has tempura-fried green tea and red bean ice cream — the perfect way to end your meal.

Nominated by Loyola University Chicago

Koi, Evanston, IL

Photo by Neil Berger

Students love Koi's big portions, inventive cocktails, and welcoming environment. Plus, with cuisine from eight different Chinese regions on the menu, there is always something new to order. With vegetarian and vegan options, as well as some extremely spicy sushi and maki, Koi really has food for everyone.

Nominated by Northwestern University

Furin Japanese Restaurant & Bar, Valparaiso, IN

Furin has basically every kind of maki, sashimi, and nigiri you can dream of. From the signature Naruto roll to the Chicago Fire Maki, everything is plated so artfully you almost won't want to eat it. 

Nominated by Valparaiso University

Nagoya Japanese Cuisine, Lawrence, KS

Avocado enthusiasts, beware; Nagoya has a sushi roll called the Avocado Bomb, and it will not disappoint! Some of the other creatively named signatures include the Captain Crunch Roll (tempura shrimp, crab stick, cucumber, and avocado topped with crunchy tempura flakes and sweet sauce),and the Lion King Roll (tempura shrimp and cream cheese topped with spicy crab, crunchy tempura flakes, eel sauce, and spicy mayo).

Nominated by The University of Kansas

Miki Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor, MI

Tradition meets innovation through Japanese and Korean fusion at Miki Ann Arbor. With fun items like an avocado boat — avocado stuffed with crab and spicy tuna, deep fried and drizzled with house sauce — you know you're in for a great sushi experience. Above all, the sushi is of great quality for a great price.

Nominated by University of Michigan

Omi Sushi, East Lansing, MI

Omi Sushi is affordable and a great place to order takeout from on those busy nights. The restaurant decor is almost as chic as the plates of sushi. This is a great place to try new kinds of sushi or sashimi because the rolls are high quality and surprisingly inexpensive. 

Nominated by Michigan State University

The 1126 Restaurant, Columbus, OH

One of the best features of The 1126 Restaurant is its grab-and-go sushi packages that you can take with you after a crazy day. If you're not in a rush or feeling antisocial, you can enjoy the same great sushi in the cozy restaurant and bar. Some favorites of the menu are the Galaxy Roll, a soft shell crab and cucumber roll topped with spicy tuna, avocado, eel sauce, and spicy mayo, and the Dynamite Roll, a spicy tuna and jalapeño roll topped with yellowtail, avocado, spicy mayo, and tobiko.

Nominated by The Ohio State University

Sushi Express, Madison, WI

Sushi Express is inexpensive, convenient to order from, and absolutely delicious. The all-around favorite and best-presented roll is the Monster Roll, a shrimp tempura roll topped with crab meat, spicy mayo, and eel sauce. 

Nominated by University of Wisconsin-Madison

Design by Spoon University

Yama Sushi and Asian Cuisine, Scottsdale, AZ

Yama Sushi and Asian Cuisine offers a huge variety of Asian dishes to choose from. It's known for its fresh sushi, fast and friendly service, and pleasant atmosphere. This is the perfect place to stop by for whatever kind of sushi you're craving.

Nominated by Grand Canyon University

Sushi Garden, Tucson, AZ

Whether you drop in for a classic Rainbow Roll or a Tootsie Roll, a crab roll topped with tempura flakes and eel sauce, you are guaranteed a beautiful presentation and fresh ingredients.

Nominated by University of Arizona

Dragonfly Sushi & Sake Company, Gainesville, FL

Dragonfly Sushi flies its fish in fresh from Japan. It loves creating an environment where the dishes can be shared among friends, family, and neighbors. The most creative rolls are the Mango Tango — a smoked salmon roll with cream cheese, mango, and avocado, topped with tempura flakes, sweet potato curls, and a peach apricot reduction — and the Bomb — a tuna roll with tempura shrimp, crab, and avocado, topped with tempura flakes, spicy sauce, and eel sauce.

Nominated by University of Florida

Masa, Tallahassee, FL

Masa's sushi plates are artfully composed and served to you by friendly staff. Its food blends Eastern and Western cuisines together to create a diverse menu so that you can enjoy what you love or discover something new. If you have dietary restrictions, it has gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options as well.

Nominated by Florida State University

Wagaya, Atlanta, GA

Wagaya means "our home," because the cuisine and atmosphere are meant to transport you to Japan. You can shop at the in-house grocery market, too, where you can buy Japanese candy, ramen, ice cream, and more.

Nominated by Emory University

Volcano Steak & Sushi, Duluth, GA

If you've ever desired to be waited on by a robot cat, then visit Volcano Steak and Sushi in Duluth. Its sushi is up to standard, and you can get it for free on your birthday if you print out the voucher. As for dining in, the bright and lively atmosphere makes it a fun location for celebrations or outings. 

Nominated by Savannah College of Art & Design, Atlanta

Wabi Sabi, Covington, KY

If you dine in at Wabi Sabi, you can get all your sushi for half price. The menu is home to cleverly-named rolls like Drunken Taco — a spicy tuna, avocado, lettuce, and crushed Doritos roll topped with crushed tortilla chips, cilantro, spicy mayo, and jalapeño sauce — and the Hippy Crunch Roll — a tofu, carrot, and cucumber roll, topped with chopped peanuts, scallions, and ginger dressing.

Nominated by Northern Kentucky University

Rock N' Sake, Baton Rouge, LA

With a full-service sake bar, how could you not order your sushi from Rock N' Sake? This sushi spot offers signature sashimi, creative specialty rolls, and fun cocktails. If you need someone to cater your party or tailgate, Rock N' Sake will come prepared to satisfy anyone and everyone's sushi cravings.

Nominated by Louisiana State University

Origami, New Orleans, LA

Origami has amazing sushi within walking distance of the Tulane University campus. Some must-tries are the truffle edamame and the sweet potato roll.

Nominated by Tulane University

Neighborhood Sushi, Austin, TX

Neighborhood Sushi has your night out covered with its happy hour deals, high-quality sushi rolls, and beautiful ambiance. With rolls even for vegetarians, you can have a sushi party with everyone in the neighborhood.

Nominated by The University of Texas at Austin

Sushi Masa, College Station, TX

Famous for its AYCA (all-you-can-eat) special, Sushi Masa has been feeding Texas tons of sushi since 2010. Everything at the sushi bar is handmade and superb quality, and you get to eat as much of it as you can. Sushi Masa is a lovely location for sushi lovers who know what they like and want a lot of it.

Nominated by Texas A&M University

Masami Japanese Sushi & Cuisine, Richardson, TX

Masami is a local favorite for sushi in Richardson. The service is friendly, and the restaurant's interior is cozy and tranquil. If you're a sake fan, you can order a sake sampler to try it all.

Nominated by The University of Texas at Dallas

Design by Spoon University

Kiraku, Berkeley, CA

Kiraku strives to deliver an izakaya experience, which is a lowkey bar type of setting that serves alcoholic drinks and snacks — think of the vibe at a pub or a Spanish tapas bar. It has a wide selection of well-executed small plates that will have anyone who dines her satisfied. 

Nominated by University of California, Berkeley

Sushi Teri, Goleta, CA

Sushi Teri is all about simple, high-quality sushi served to you fast and friendly. There are tons of bowls and rolls to choose from, as well as lunch and dinner specials. When your sushi comes to you with that fancy drizzle of sauce over it, you know it's handmade just for you.

Nominated by University of California, Santa Barbara

Sushi Kuchi, San Diego, CA

Sushi Teri, Goleta, CA

Sushi Teri is all about simple, high-quality sushi served to you fast and friendly. There are tons of bowls and rolls to choose from, as well as lunch and dinner specials. When your sushi comes to you with that fancy drizzle of sauce over it, you know it's handmade just for you.

Nominated by University of California, Santa Barbara

Sushi rolls, hand rolls, and burritos, oh my. Sushi Kuchi even gives you free tempura ice cream on your birthday. There are around eighty different kinds of quality sushi rolls to choose from and a cute little dining area to eat them in.

Nominated by San Diego State University

Sakesan, San Francisco, CA

If you love oysters, they're a dollar from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. every day at Sakesan. There are even karaoke rooms for all your college party needs and an illuminated bar for smaller group outings. Unsurprisingly, the most popular roll is named after the NFL 49ers, starring avocado, cucumber, and tobiko rolled together in salmon and topped with a lemon slice.

Nominated by San Francisco State University

Sushi PURE, Eugene, OR

Owner, founder, and head chef Preston Shin is an alumnus of the University of Oregon, so it's no surprise the students love Sushi PURE. Shin incorporates family recipes into his menu as well as his own culinary creations so that you can have an experience both unique and delicious.

Nominated by University of Oregon

Tona Sushi Bar & Grill, Ogden, UT

Tona's sushi is described as "edible art" that is crafted with love. The innovative menu blends locally sourced ingredients with seafood from around the world. Avocado fans, the Green Globe is for you — it's a spicy ahi tuna and snow crab salad wrapped in an avocado globe and topped with orange and wasabi tobiko caviar and a citrus-soy sauce.

Nominated by Weber State University

Bamboo Sushi, Seattle, WA

At Bamboo Sushi, you can sit on the patio or in the atrium to enjoy your meal. The sushi is globally influenced, sustainably sourced, and beautifully simple. The most popular roll is the Green Machine, which is made with a tempura fried green bean, green onion, avocado, and a cilantro sweet chili aioli. For dessert, surprise your tastebuds with a black sesame brownie, served with vanilla ice cream and berries.

Nominated by University of Washington

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Header photos courtesy of Sushi Kappo, Koi by Neil Berger.