Sushi is always a fun and adventurous meal that leaves people feeling excited. However, raw fish is unappealing to a lot of people and something that vegans simply can't eat. However, there's no reason that those people can't join in on the fun. With these vegan sushi recipes, everyone can enjoy sushi...without the raw fish. 

1. Avocado & Mango Brown Rice Sushi

Mango is by far my favourite fruit and it just works so well in both savory and sweet dishes. The pairing with avocado makes these Avocado & Mango brown rice Sushi the best of the vegan sushi recipes. 

2. Sweet Potato Tempura and Avocado Rolls

Avocado is a theme we will see throughout these vegan sushi rolls because it just works so perfectly with sushi. For sweet potato fans, this sweet potato tempura and avocado sushi will be a dream come true. 

3. Spicy "Tuna" Sushi

These Spicy "Tuna" Sushi rolls may not have the tuna, but they certainly have the spice. Sunflower seeds are used to replace the fish, but the sauce sure does have a kick to it which will ensure that you don't miss the fish at all. 

4. Vegan Dynamite Rolls

Dynamite Rolls are all about the dynamite sauce and these sushi rolls certainly deliver on that. Using vegan mayo and Sriracha with King Oyster Mushrooms, these sushi rolls are the bomb. 

5. Teriyaki Veggie Crunch Roll

There's nothing better than vegetables with Teriyaki sauce and this teriyaki veggie crunch roll takes that to a whole new level. Try it out for a fun, crunchy dish. 

6. Vegan California Roll

While a lot of people who don't like raw fish go for a California Roll, the crab stick within isn't usually crab but rather a blend of other fish. Solve this problem by having a completely vegan California roll instead.

7. Fresh Fruit Sushi

Sushi is traditionally made with vegetables and fish, but fruit sushi is just as delicious and vegan. There are so many different options out there for making sushi with fruit, so try some out. 

8. Spicy Carrot Lox and Avocado Sushi

Carrots are my favourite vegetable and they go great with Sushi. There's also the running theme of avocado in this spicy carrot lox and avocado sushi recipe, but the pairing with carrot gives it a whole new flavour. 

9. Chocolate Banana Sushi

Sushi isn't just for dinner, you can have it for dessert too. With these vegan chocolate crepes, you can have a delicious chocolate banana dessert sushi after your regular vegan sushi. 

10. Rainbow Sushi

Healthy can still be incredibly beautiful and this rainbow sushi proves that. Take a photo for the Insta and then have an amazing meal with this colourful delight. 

Being vegan (or just not liking raw fish) shouldn't stop you from living your life. You can still do and eat everything that omnivores do...just a little differently. Hopefully these vegan sushi recipes help you on your way to that goal.