Coming from someone who has many friends and family that aren't extremely adventurous when it comes to food, I can reassure all fellow picky eaters that what I'm about to show you are sushi selections that are safe to get on your first rodeo.

#SpoonFed Warning*** maybe stay away from all gas station sushi, your tummy will never forgive you, and neither will your toilet......

Chelsea Johanning

Salmon Nigiri

Salmon nigiri is a small piece of raw salmon on top of a lump of sticky rice. This piece is a mild flavor and soft texture. If you like salmon or are unsure of fish in general, this is a good one to start with.

Salmon isn't as fishy as most sushi and has almost a sweet lingering taste. This piece is a good start because salmon is a pretty consumer friendly fish so it doesn't sound as scary as other sushi selections. 

Pro tip: put a little soy sauce on top and bring this one to the next level!

Ahi Tuna Nigiri

This tuna nigiri is a lot like salmon nigiri, but with raw tuna. It also is a mild flavor that, if prepared right, will just melt in your mouth! I personally don't like tuna often, but I can get down with tuna nigiri! Some even describe tuna as "the chicken of the sea" and who doesn't like chicken? Amirite?

Sorry #Vegans....

California Roll

I hesitate to put the California roll on the list, but for some it may be your safest bet. It is a sticky rice maki roll with avocado, cucumber and crab mixture. This is one of the more simple rolls with no spice or scary flavors. While some don't think this roll is authentic sushi it is good for beginners because of the mild flavors and and lack of raw ingredients(aka fish). 

If this roll seems to be lacking, then enhance your taste buds by ordering a rainbow roll. This is similar, but has a variety of fish and sauce neatly assemble on the top of the roll. 

Important PSA! The crab used in California rolls is not friendly to all; those who cannot consume or digest gluten should stay away!

Spicy Tuna Roll

This one is an old friend of mine. With a slightly spicy flavor mixed with creamy avocado, this roll cannot be beat. It may also be accompanied by a spicy mayo drizzle depending on place of purchase.

This is the very first roll I tried and is now my go-to-roll whenever I don't know what to get. Don't be afraid of the spice, its a mouth tingle at best. This old gal made the list because it is simple, and is found at every sushi restaurant or can easily be made upon request. 

Tempura Roll

A tempura roll is any roll that has been deep fried in a mix of flour, baking soda, potato starch, and egg. This roll is usually warm and a little crunchy served commonly with tentsuyu. If you are unsure about raw fish, or the weather is a tad bit #nippy suggest a flavorful tempura roll. 

I hope your journey, whether long-short; near or far, provides a new experience for those tiny taste buds. If the idea of sushi sparks your interest or you simply do not know what to get, put these few tips to good use! Just remember to keep an open mind when it comes to your sushi selections. 

#SpoonFed Reminder!! Under NO circumstance should you buy sushi from a gas station or 7/11! Maybe just stay away from all entities that may be labeled as a "rapid mart."