My love for sushi is so strong that I felt it needed to be documented and shared. For all of you die hard sushi fans out there, I know you're with me when it come to this laundry list of reasons why sushi is the GOAT. 

1. It's perfect for date nights  

burrito, seafood, fish, rice, sushi
Jane Yeo

Sushi is notoriously perfect for date nights because there are so many options to choose from. It's almost guaranteed that your date will like at least one thing on the menu. With around six pages to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

Variations range from vegetarian sushi, like an avocu roll (avocado cucumber), to a deep fried roll, to an ahi roll or a spicy roll. Sushi is not limited to a roll either. Sushi bowls and sushi burritos are now trending, too.

2. It is #foodporn worthy

tempura, sauce, rice, sushi
Lucy Carlisle

You are guaranteed to get a dope food pic that is insta-worthy every single time you order sushi. Sushi's photogenic qualities will never fail you.

3. You get to use chopsticks

shrimp, salmon, sake, seafood, rice, wasabi, fish, tuna, sashimi, sushi
Jackie O'Brien

Maybe it's just because we are so used to using forks that using something else is so much more entertaining. Most of us cannot use chopsticks properly, but even just stabbing our sushi with them is fun. 

4. Sushi bars are lit 

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Lindsay Carroll

Sushi bars are always live and the atmosphere is great. Big groups are always fine at sushi bars, so they're always a great place to celebrate with friends.  

5. Sushi plating is stunning 

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Lucy Carlisle

Are you catching on to how much I love sushi yet? Yes, I did get asked to my senior prom with a plate of sushi (clearly he knew me too well). You can't ask for anything better than a beautifully plated sushi roll. 

6. Sushi is low in calories 

sushi, tuna, nigiri, wasabi, rice
Armin Nayak

Raw fish, vegetables, rice, and nori (aka seaweed) are not going to put a big dent in your daily calorie intake. A shrimp roll is about 199 calories and have 0 grams of fat and vegetarian rolls tend to have about 170 calories. Sounds like a win to me!

7. The nori wrap is healthy AF 

vegetable, tuna, rice, fish, salmon, seafood, sushi
Eva Chen

I know eating seaweed sounds cringeworthy, but it really has minimal taste and is so, so healthy for you. It has vitamins A, B-6, and C, and minerals, like iodine. It also helps reduce blood pressure and improve heart health. 

8. Sushi is a well-rounded dish 

wasabi, eel, sashimi, seafood, fish, salmon, rice, tuna, sushi
Jayna Goldstein

The roll is stocked with just about everything your body needs. The nori, as mentioned above, is high in iodine. The ginger and wasabi, the faithful sides on a sushi dish, contain high amounts of antioxidants, and the seafood part of the sushi is high in Omega-3s.  

This dish is healthy, photogenic, and delicious tasting! Sushi is my ideal man (can't talk back to me either). My bottomless stomach and love for sushi will never fade.