The Spoon Choice Awards celebrate eateries in college towns for providing the most delicious food and inviting environments to students in the area. All of the winners are chosen by college students at universities around the country.

The academic school year is in full swing. Say bye-bye vacation mode and hello to productive mode. There are a couple of things that are a *must* for college students including things such as a sturdy book bag, a cute planner (have to be on top of all those deadlines), and, of course, a good coffee shop. No matter your beverage preference — coffee, tea, lemonade, or smoothie — one thing is for certain, a quick pit stop for a caffeine fix at a coffee shop is a necessity for some to get through a jam-packed class schedule.

Coffee shops are versatile. They have the chillest vibes and provide a cozy environment to do just about anything. This casual setting, which almost always has a fire playlist, gives you a much-needed break from school while doubling as your go-to study spot. With some coffee shops offering pastries, sandwiches, and/or parfaits aside from beverages, they come in clutch when you’re in need of a pick-me-up in between classes or trying to get through those long night study sessions. So, without further ado, here are the best college-town coffee shops nationwide, nominated by colleges and universities.

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Design by Spoon University

Wake-Cup-Coffee, Fairfield, CT

Wake-Up-Coffee is one of the newer coffee shops in the Fairfield area, having opened in 2020. A couple of standouts are its signature Bavarian soft pretzels, French pastries, and the wake-cup-shot. It’s a perfect spot for tight-schedule commuters and customers who are looking to just chill and enjoy the ambiance.

Nominated by Fairfield University

Dog Lane Cafe, Storrs, CT

Photo by Chip Riegel

Dog Lane Cafe prides itself on being able to serve up something for everyone from the early morning hours until late for the night owls. From sandwiches to salads, everything is freshly prepared. Plus, there's a self-service coffee bar!

Nominated by University of Connecticut

Dog Bar Jim, Brunswick, ME

Dog Bar Jim is a perfect morning-to-afternoon spot. Well-known for its "alt" aesthetic, Dog Bar Jim has delicious beverages and bagels.

Nominated by Bowdoin College

Greystone Cafe, Boston, MA

This mother-and-daughter-owned cafe is open until 4 p.m. It has delicious pastries and sandwiches, homemade syrups, and a walk-up window to order. It definitely classifies as a perfect place to begin your daily routine. 

Nominated by Northeastern University

Mariposa Bakery, Cambridge, MA

What’s great about many coffee shops is that they don’t only serve coffee. The selection of pastries and drinks at Mariposa Bakery also appeals to people who don't go for a strong cold brew or espresso shot. And if you’re looking for a non-caffeinated alternative, the hot chocolate options are amazing.

Nominated by Boston University

Jaho Coffee & Tea, Salem, MA

“To us, life is a journey filled with beautiful pictures, far-away places, new tastes, good friends, and the stories that we all share,” the Jaho website reads, perfectly summing up its cozy vibes. It’s the perfect study spot with really yummy coffee and boba tea.

Nominated by Emerson College

Hidden Grounds, New Brunswick, NJ

Photo by Hidden Grounds Coffee

Hidden Grounds has been around since 2013 and has expanded to six locations in New Jersey and one in Brooklyn, NY. It's a super cute spot and has a comfortable vibe to work, study, or hang out with friends.

Nominated by Rutgers University-New Brunswick 

Mon Amour Coffee & Wine Bar, Bronx, NY

This Bronx coffee shop offers an array of items — coffee, pastries, paninis, salads, flatbreads, beer and wine, and more — that you can get while you’re working or studying. It has a nice atmosphere with relaxing lo-fi music to enjoy the delicious drinks.

Nominated by Manhattan College

Druthers Coffee, Stony Brook, NY

Photo by Zachary Russell

Druthers Coffee has such a relaxed energy even when it is bustling with customers. Because it's such a popular study spot, noise levels are kept pretty low. The coffee shop also offers gluten-free and vegan options such as banana nut overnight oats and a GF "pagel" — a gluten-free and vegan bagel alternative from Bedrock Bakers, also on Long Island.

Nominated by Stony Brook University

Nowhere Coffee Co., Allentown, PA

Contrary to what you might think, Nowhere Coffee is not in the middle of nowhere. The name is a fun play on the phrase "going nowhere." This cute shop has great drinks — iced vanilla chai and caramel latte to name a few — and atmosphere.

Nominated by Muhlenberg College

Wagging Tail Coffee Co., Allenwood, PA

Photo by Wagging Tail Coffee Co

“Life is better with dogs & coffee,” says the coffee shop's website. Who could disagree with that notion? Fan favorites to order are the "blitzers," a refreshingly fruity beverage. A perfect place to stop by, it even has a special Gilmore Girls-themed menu for the fall right now.

Nominated by Bucknell University

Amami Kitchen & Espresso Bar, Lewisburg, PA

Photo by Amami

This at-the-corner coffee shop has great food and drinks to complement its relaxing and cozy vibes. But if you're hungry, look to the panini selection, including its American Toast — multigrain toast with smoked bacon, scrambled egg, cheddar cheese, and syrup — and its Toscano — imported parma prosciutto, sundried tomato aioli, mozzarella cheese, scrambled egg, and arugula.

Nominated by Bucknell University

Tsaocaa, Pittsburgh, PA

Filled with the most colorful drinks, Tsaocaa is a tea shop that provides fresh premium tea and other craft drinks — including bubble tea. Of course, you definitely can't visit without getting one of their signature egg waffles to pair with your drink. 

Nominated by University of Pittsburgh

Pretty Bird Coffee, Yardley, PA

Coffee takes on a whole new meaning here. Yes, standard Americanos, lattes, and cold brews are available, but Pretty Bird also has a seasonal and specialty latte section with flavors including lavender, pistachio vanilla, and Ferrero Rocher.

Nominated by The College of New Jersey

Design by Spoon University

Espresso Royale, Champaign, IL

The seasonal drinks at Espresso Royale are truly exquisite. Bourbon maple latte, pistachio creme cold brew, iced blueberry white mocha, and orange dreamsicle soda are just a few of their unique options that you won't find at a run-of-the-mill coffee chain.

Nominated by University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Deep Purpl, Chicago, IL

This shop is organic, vegan, and delicious, as stated on its website. Deep Purpl specializes in personalized acai bowls that make the perfect pick-me-up after a day full of classes. Definitely pick up the Deep Coffee Smoothie for a caffeine boost. 

Nominated by Loyola University Chicago

Coffee Lab, Evanston, IL

With a vibe perfect for college kids looking to study, this non-profit shop offers pour-over coffee, tea, and pastries. Its fresh, locally roasted coffee beans help craft a variety of drinks including Americanos, lattes, and cappuccinos. One of the more popular offerings is the “purple drink,” otherwise known as the ube latte.

Nominated by Northwestern University

Blackbird Cafe, Valparaiso, IN

Valparaiso’s longest-standing coffee shop has been serving coffee and light bites since 1974. It has a lengthy pastry menu full of items including pies, cookies, muffins, danishes, and baklava.

Nominated by Valparaiso University

The Roost, Lawrence, KS

Photo by The Roost

This cute spot is right on Massachusetts Street and serves a fantastic brunch including chorizo and eggs, omelets, and breakfast sandwiches to name a few dishes. It also offers buttermilk biscuits, made fresh daily. Additionally, The Roost doesn’t just serve tasty breakfast and lunch, it also has a full coffee bar and cocktail bar.

Nominated by The University of Kansas 

RoosRoast, Ann Arbor, MI

The staff at RoosRoast is super kind and the drinks, including hot chocolate cold brew and matcha lattes, are amazing. Roos also offers burritos and breakfast sandwiches.

Nominated by University of Michigan

Koala Bakery & Cafe, East Lansing, MI

Koala is a boba shop based in East Lansing. This cute bakery offers a variety of teas, milk teas, and several pastries such as cheesecakes, mochi, and cupcakes.

Nominated by Michigan State University

Highland Coffee House, Cincinnati, OH

Normally, coffee shops have morning-to-evening hours. Highland, however, is open from late afternoon until 2 a.m. which makes it the perfect late-night study spot.

Nominated by Northern Kentucky University

Stauf's Coffee Roasters, Columbus, OH

Each and every Stauf's location has immaculate vibes and offers great snacks such as muffins and scones. This makes Stauf’s Coffee Roasters a great study spot, too.

Nominated by The Ohio State University

Wonderstate, Madison, WI

This coffee shop is airy and bright, perfect for students who need lots of light to study. It also has great coffee varying from flavored lattes, espresso tonics, macchiatos, and more.

Nominated by University of Wisconsin-Madison
Design by Spoon University

Union Coffee Co., Peoria, AZ

Go for the seasonal drinks, and stay for the pastries. Unique coffees like the salted maple cold brew — an iced drink with maple and brown sugar flavors — will get you excited to experience fall, even while in the Arizona heat.

Nominated by Grand Canyon University

Cartel Roasting Co., Tucson, AZ

The overall ambiance at Cartel Roasting Co. is relaxing and comforting. The drinks are also amazing, offering unique flavors like the honey lavender matcha — honey and organic lavender syrup with matcha tea. 

Nominated by University of Arizona

CYM Coffee Co., Gainesville, FL 

This coffee shop is full of original flavors and barista creations like the Twin Peaks (toasted marshmallow, maple syrup, and Irish creme) and the Toucan Sam (raspberry, vanilla, lavender, and lemon).

Nominated by University of Florida

The Frother's Daughter, Tallahassee, FL

This mobile coffee shop, located in a six-by-ten-foot trailer on wheels, has amazing monthly specials so you can always try something new.

Nominated by Florida State University

The General Muir, Atlanta, GA

Courtesy of The Point

This Jewish deli-style diner has a reliable selection of coffee and brunch foods. Some quick highlights include the pecan-crusted French toast, the Reuben sandwich, the pastrami sandwich, and the Avenue A — an open-faced bagel with nova smoked salmon, grapefruit, avocado, red onion, cucumber, dill, and schmear.

Nominated by Emory University

Muchacho, Atlanta, GA

Open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., you can transition from sipping coffee to chowing down on some tacos if you choose this as your study spot. Either way, the food here is delicious, and the interior decor is unique and beautiful.

Nominated by Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta

Magpie Cafe, Baton Rouge, LA 

All of the food and pastries here are handmade in-house using local, seasonal ingredients. This means the menu is always changing, so you'll always be able to try something new. Right now, try the PSL, of course.

Nominated by Louisiana State University

French Truck Coffee, New Orleans, LA

Photo by French Coffee Truck

This New Orleans spot has amazing classic New Orleans chicory coffee and great pastries to match its nice atmosphere. Plus, the ample outdoor seating makes it the perfect spot to dine when the sun is shining.

Nominated by Tulane University

Intelligentsia Coffee Shoal Creek Coffeebar, Austin, TX

At this downtown location, make sure to grab a draft coffee or oat milk latte. The interior is bright and inviting, perfect for a quick study session.

Nominated by The University of Texas at Austin

The Junction Market & Cafe, College Station, TX

The Junction Market & Cafe has a cool atmosphere with an amazing drink selection. There are even grab-and-go options if you're in a rush.

Nominated by Texas A&M University

Common Grounds Fort Worth, Fort Worth, TX

Common Grounds is a very spacious coffee shop where you can almost always find a comfy place to sit. The coffee shop spices up its menu every season, and right now, the Mudslide, a white chocolate mocha with a secret sauce, and the Pumpkin Patch, masala chai with warm fall spices, are both must-tries.

Nominated by Texas Christian University

Cafe HwaSan, Plano, TX 

Cafe HwaSan has a super cute and calming aesthetic, filled with light and plants. The tiramisu coffee is amazing, and the menu has lots of great food.

Nominated by The University of Texas at Dallas

De Clieu, Fairfax, VA

The vibe of De Clieu is so welcoming and friendly to students — a great spot for studying, hanging out, and getting food. And don't forget to order an iced latte.

Nominated by George Mason University

Harrison Street Cafe, Richmond, VA

Harrison Street Cafe is a rustic and cozy coffee shop with lots of vegan options. Its featured items include oatmeal cream pies, cinnamon roll lattes, and BBQ tofu.

Nominated by Virginia Commonwealth University

Design by Spoon University

SoDoI Coffee Tasting House, Berkeley, CA

SoDoI Coffee is full of great vibes with a fun music selection, cute interior design, and a secluded location. And let’s not forget, great coffee with foam art.

Nominated by University of California, Berkeley

Cajé Coffee Roasters, Isla Vista, CA

Cajé Coffee Roasters has a unique vibe with a colorful exterior, great study vibes, and a friendly staff. The caramel latte and vanilla coffee are both delicious, along with the refreshing açaí bowls.

Nominated by University of California, Santa Barbara

Camellia Rd Tea Bar, San Diego, CA

Camellia Rd Tea Bar has delicious tea beverages and seasonal drinks every month with the best quality ingredients. The staff is always friendly and helpful with very quick service. Aside from a welcoming environment, the coffee shop also offers board games, indoor/outdoor seating, and long hours, perfect for late-night studying.

Nominated by San Diego State University

Andytown Coffee Roasters, San Francisco, CA

Located on Taraval Street, the new Andytown Coffee Roasters is by the beach and it’s beautiful. In addition to the regular coffee options, Andytown is known for its signature Snowy Plover drinks, which are made with iced tea or coffee, soda water, and whipped cream.

Nominated by San Francisco State University

Meraki Coffee Co., Eugene, OR

The drinks at Meraki Coffee Co. are so innovative for the seasons, and the food is incredible. Try the Spanish latte, which has sweetened condensed milk and cinnamon, or the London Fog, an Earl Grey tea latte with vanilla and lavender.

Nominated by University of Oregon

Grounds for Coffee, Ogden, UT

Grounds for Coffee fosters a relaxing environment that is perfect for studying or catching up with a friend. It offers classic coffee drinks and flavors as well as freshly baked pastries every day.

Nominated by Weber State University

Five Stones Coffee Co., Kirkland, WA

The atmosphere at Five Stones Coffee Co. is cozy and warm, making it a great place to study or chill with friends. It serves both coffee and tea, so no matter what you like to drink, you can order it here.

Nominated by Northwest University

Sip House, Seattle, WA

Sip House is a cozy art cafe in Seattle's University District. It serves delicious Vietnamese coffee and pastries in a cafe full of color, decorated with artwork and plants. Some popular selections include the coffee crema, a toffee-flavored latte with cheese-flavored crema, and the pistachio cream latte made with hazelnuts and pistachios.

Nominated by University of Washington

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Header photos courtesy of General Muir by Courtesy of The Point, Druther's by Zachary Russel, Hidden Grounds Coffee.